Alberta Society of Pipers and Drummers
2002 Champions

Pipe Bands
Grade 1 Alberta Caledonia Pipe Band
Grade 2 Big Rock Pipe Band
Grade 3 Big Rock Pipe Band
Grade 4 Big Rock Pipe Band
Grade 5 Ogden Legion Pipe Band "B"
Solo Piping
Professional Light Music Andrew Smith
Grade 1 Light Music Rob McRae
Grade 2 Light Music Morgan Page
Grade 3 Light Music Zephan Knichel
Grade 4 Light Music Lorin Kirchner
Grade 5 Light Music Elisabeth Trudell
Professional Piobaireachd Andrew Smith
Senior Amateur Piobaireachd Ross Barker
Junior Amateur Piobaireachd Morgan Page
Novice Amateur Piobaireachd Zephan Knichel
Adult Real Gagne
Beginner Chanter Robyn Gray & Annaliese Scharfenberger
Solo Drumming
Professional Side Jack Gallaher & Peter Hendrickson
Grade 1 Side Andrew Miller
Grade 2 Side Sherman Chao
Grade 3 Side Christopher Graham
Grade 4 Side Michelle-Marie Bradley
Professional Tenor Shelley Marsh
Grade 1 Tenor Kathleen van Aggelen
Grade 2 Tenor Kathleen van Aggelen
Grade 3 Tenor Shelena Marsh
Beginner Pad Elizabeth Shaw
Quartets / Fanfares
Senior Quartet Rocky Mountain Pipe Band
Junior Quartet K.I.G.G. Quartet
Senior Drum Fanfare -
Junior Drum Fanfare Ogden Legion Drum Corps
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