Absaroka Corporation
Absaroka is an independent group of geologists, civil and military engineers, writers and conflict management  specialists. Our staff draws upon more than 100 years of combined experiences producing innovative and creative solutions to difficult technical issues.  Our staff excels at in working in a multi-cultural climate on controversial projects.
The goals of the organization are to move projects through to completion under budget, and within time frames in a way which produces maximum benefits to all affected by the projects.      
Our geologists and engineers are also accomplished poets, playwrights, and fine artists, musicians, and teachers,  following the traditions of other creative people such as Feynman with his drums, Einstein with his violin, and da Vinci with his art. Our company actively supports the creative efforts of our staff, both within the technical and artistic realms.
Examples of our products and capabilities can be see by following the links below.
Absaroka's ability in environmental assesment and environmental conflict management
Groundwater analysis and protection of the resources
Living And Growing With Terrorism
Faces in the Raft: A narrative poem in stageplay format by D.J. Lachance
Voices From The Cafe: A narrative poem in stageplay format by D.J. Lachance
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Aladdin or the Wonderful Lamp: Adapted from the original translation by Lucille Tamm
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