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Update: 22nd September 2009

Well then, lets start with some history. My website(s) first appeared in 1999. In 2001 those original hosts decided to disappear from the known universe. My website was then collated and moved here, to Geocities.

In 2003 the above title and colour scheme was adopted as an interim measure before a fancy re-design in a new-fangled Flash stylee (as was the tradition back then). It never happened though - life got in the way (again, as per the tradition!).

So now we come to 26th October 2009 and Yahoo are shutting down Geocities. This means that my long running public presence on the interweb has been reduced to profiles on Yahoo and Facebook, a long-neglected blog and online gaming.

So, to those few thousand people on this planet who have visited these pages, I have a message...
Thank you, take care and goodbye (at least for now).

Oh, and thank you to those nice people in Lincolnshire who run the Black Sluice Internal Drainage Board whose name is strangely close to mine - yet I have never received legal papers. 1

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