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aberrant is no more. why you ask? well only chris, josh, and boo know the answer to that. the band had a lot of fun and played some kick ass shows with some great bands and met some wonderful people along the way. i could go on forever with the bands stories, tales, lies, and exaggerations, but i won't. they are all doing their own things now. josh is married and has a baby on the way, due sometime in october i think. boo is living in texas with his mom, working, and spending a lot of time with his girlfriend lauren. and chris is just floating around, working different jobs, spending time with his girlfriend megan, and just trying to keep his head above the water. below you'll see the photo album of the band members: boo - guitar and vox, chris - bass, and josh - drums, some other people who were close to the band, and other shit that has to do with aberrant.

the band would also like to thank the people who were there for us from day one, and were always there to watch a show, buy a CD, or just throw some love their way. thank you all.

...thanks for all the great memories...


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