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Nowadays the learners are getting more and more pragmatic about school. They just want to learn the least that can help them get a living. So they no longer seek to know more than what they imagine enough for them to get "money". They consider studying a hard task. Perhaps the hard task is ill introduced to them. They become less motivated or so they look. E-Games are their favourite pastime; so why not make them learn while enjoying games. The older generations were almost convinced that seriousness pays off. This generation is not trying to cheat this notion or just prove its invalidity. They have simply formed another concept for seriousness.

For my part, I don't intend to supply them with the material necessary to do the hard task. On the contrary, I'm trying to make the hard task no more than a game. They just need to be understood. Providing them with the "easy" ways is an attempt to prove that the old concepts are not outdated and they are always quite the same though they are perceived and handled differently. The new generation of learners will find out that their new easy-go strategy is no more than the other facet of seriousness. Times change, don't they?!!


Learning here is more like a game than those tiring old assignments
Memory Game     Read a sentence, memorize it, clean it out then write it.
Game Home     This is a rich link page for both teachers and students.
The Starter    If you are a new student of English, you'll enjoy this link page best!
The Odd One Out    Can you single out the word which doesn't belong to the group? (4)
Common Features    Try to find out the common trait in each group of words.
Category Choice    Try to find out the common trait in each group of words.
An Easy Game     Some questions about letters of alphabet and sentence word order.
Vocabulary Game     Here is a lexical game based only on vocabulary.
Job Game     A series of funny multiple choice games with animated pictures. (5)
Occupations     Who does what? A Gap filling exercise.
Food Game     It's breakfast time! What to eat and what to drink.
Furniture Game     Put each item in the appropriate room.
Transportation Game     Name the given means of transportation.
Clothes Game     Drag the clothes items to match them with their names.
Matching Game     Match the picture of the animal with the corresponding name on the left.
Name Animals     Click and drag game.
Word Chain Game     A list of words in the order of initial & final letters.
Vocabulary Repertory Check Game    What an exciting game!.
Flag Game 1     Match the Country with its corresponding National Flag. [Arab World]  (3)
Flag Game 2     Match the Country with its corresponding National Flag. [international]  (4)
Spelling Game     A very tough spelling or word choice game. It's Challenging!
Challenging Test     Take this multiple page quiz on tenses. Check how good you are at English?!
Asking Game     How many questions can you ask with "HOW" ?
Dissection Game     Dissect to make meaningful sentences. (2)
Unscramble Game     Re-order the words to make correct sentences.(5)
Unscramble Game     Affirmative, negative or interrogative? (1)
Question Game     You are given answers. Ask the corresponding questions. (6)
Ask me Game     What is the question to which the underlined words are the answer? (2)
What is the question?     What is the question to which the underlined words are the answer? (1)
More Games      Choose the sort of games you like most!
Present Progressive Game      A funny PowerPoint Presentation with animation. [Download / Télécharger]
Moody Game      A funny PowerPoint Presentation about emotions. [Download / Télécharger]
More PPT Games      A lot of other funny presentations to download & enjoy [Download / Télécharger]
First Things First    To learn English, choose the funniest way! [ for beginners ]
Tronc Commun     Quizzes for common core students. [2008 / 2009]
1ère Bac.     Quizzes for intermediate English learners. [2008 / 2009]
2ème Bac.      Get ready for your Baccalaureate Exam. [2008 / 2009]
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