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There is a complicated 4 step process
1) Read ByLaw and apply for license (at the Municipality of Kincardine)
2) take application to OPP and apply for Criminal Record Check (incl. app.)
3) take completed application and criminal record check back to MoK
4) Pick up Taxi License

Step 1
You either phone or visit the Municipality of Kincardine and request an application for Taxi/Limo driver. You must review the by-law and get an authorized signature on this application. It is a good idea to request when the next 2 scheduled Police Service Board meetings will occur.

Step 2
You must provide proper ID and fill out the application for Criminal Record Check with Kincardine OPP, and include the application for Taxi/Limo license (so they include a driver history search). This is where you pay your first license expense. Maintain receipt for expense bonus. It is a good idea to calculate when the information should be returned to be filed for the next 2 scheduled Police Service Board meetings.

Step 3
In 2 to 14 days, the criminal record check should be completed. This needs to be picked up from the OPP and taken back to the MoK (Municipality of Kincardine). The filing deadline is the Friday preceeding a Police Service Board meeting, and meetings are typically held on the second Tuesday of each month. Occasionally special meetings are held and regular meetings are cancelled.

Step 4
Some time after the Police Service Board meeting has finished, you may be notified or request information on obtaining your new license.

Update on Monday May 26, 2008

(prior update on Wednesday October 24th, 2007)
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