Place the hypo-pyramid so that one side faces you. There are 4 vertices; the Top, the Left (left-front-bottom), the Right (right-front-bottom) and the Back (the one you cannot see). If you want, you can use stickers to mark each one, but place them NEAR the vertice, NOT ON it so you can still see the colored lights.



Move the Left vertice upwards, and then the Top vertice upwards. Each pair of moves almost always ends with "-T" so that the Top vertice is pointing up again, like it's suppose to. As you make eack move, a gravity switch changes the colors of the lights.


I. Solve Level 4.

II. Do the following sequence:


...and check the color of the left vertice. If it is red, then proceed to the next step. Otherwise, repeat the sequence (L-T-B-T) until the left vertice is red. It is important that the left vertice is red after the 4-move sequence is completed.

III. Do the following sequence:


...and check the color of the right vertice. If it is not red, repeat the sequence (R-T-B-T) until the right vertice is red.

IV. Do the following sequence:


...and check the color of the back vertice. If it is not red, repeat the sequence (B-T) until the back vertice is red.

V. The bottom 3 vertices should now be red. Carefully place the puzzle down and read the following before actually doing any of the moves, as it gets tricky!

The magic 9-color series of Level 5 is:

Repeat the sequence...


...according to the table below:

If the top
vertice is
this color:
...then repeat the
6-move sequence
until the bottom
3 vertices are
this color:
R* 2 times Y*-1
Y*-1 ++ 4 times G-2
G-1 ++ 6 times Y
G-2 ++ 8 times X
Y*-2 ++ 1 time R*
Y 3 times G-1
G* 5 times Y*-2
X 7 times G*

++ See the Special Step Instructions before continuing on with this step.

NOTE: you may notice all 4 vertices randomly changing color, but after completing the 6-move sequence (L-T-R-T-B-T), the bottom 3 vertices will match up again, ascending to the next color of the magic 9-color series.

Special Step Instructions:

If the vertice is green (or flahing yellow), you will not know if it's the first or second green (or flashing yellow). Do this step before attempting the 6-move sequence in the chart! Repeat the sequence:


...nine times. The back vertice will cycle through all 9 colors of the magic series (after every other move). The top vertice will also cycle through all 9 colors, therefore giving an indication which green (or flashing yellow) it was. After cycling through the 2-move sequence nine times, the back vertice will return to red, and the top vertice will return to its original color.

VI. The bottom 3 vertices should now be the same color. Once again, you may want to read this step before doing any actual moves, for this one has a strange twist to it. We will now proceed to swap the positions of the vertices; merely tilt the back vertice up:


...and rotate the puzzle 180 degrees on its base so the new front side faces you. From now on, the UPWARD vertice is considered the TOP vertice. All 4 vertices now have new positions:

If you are using stickers, then you must swap the top sticker with the bottom one, and swap the left sticker with the right one.

VII. If the back vertice does not match the left and right vertices, then repeat the sequence:


...until all 3 bottom vertices match.

CAUTION: If the left and right vertices are green (or flashing yellow), you may have to cycle through the 2-move sequence (B-T) a number of times to assure that the back vertice increments to the first or second green (or flashing yellow). Once this is determined, and the 3 bottom vertices are truly the same color, you can continue with the next step.

VIII. Repeat the following sequence:


...until the puzzle is solved!

If the bottom
colors were...
...them you would have
had to repeat the
6-move sequence
R* 8 times
Y*-1 7 times
G-1 6 times
G-2 5 times
Y*-2 4 times
Y 3 times
G* 2 times
X 1 time

Sit back and enjoy the FANFARE OF LIGHT AND SOUND . If there is no fanfare, then you screwed up somewhere and have to start over again.

Set the puzzle down, being careful not to disturb the gravity switch. Now you can enjoy the fanfare until the batteries die. If the gravity switch is disturbed, the fanfare will stop after a few seconds and LUMINATIONS will resume to a new Level-5 puzzle.

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