Instant Insanity

My first puzzle ever. Not a hard puzzle, and not a fun puzzle... but still; a PUZZLE. There are many solutions, but this particular one is my favourite:

Below is the actual corn-ball text from the Parker Brothers plasti-box... plagurism at it's best!

Solve it or go crazy! Which will happen first?

Amusing. Addicting. And playfully perplexing. It's INSTANT INSANITY --- the 3-D
puzzle challenge that'll test your brain and tease your nerves for hours and hours!

Get a good look before you get started!

Get a good look at the way the four cubes are packed. Because once you open
this package, you may never see these cubes in the same order again! Mix them up.
Then put them back together again so that each side has the same four different colors
on it!

How long can you filp cubes before you filp out?

Solve it in seconds. Minutes. Or days! Once you start, you won't give up until you
get it right... or go completely I-N-S-A-N-E! And if that happens, then write to us and
we'll send you the cure for INSTANT INSANITY!


My wife found the next puzzle at a flea market. It has six cubes; but because the "ears" are blank, it's easier to solve:

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