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Best Sculling In Florida For The Past 21 yrs
Est.   1983
        (8-11-04) One of our most successful and rewarding seasons have just passed.Nationals were a success with outstanding performances from all of our rowers. A 1st place finish by our Men's Junior B Singlist, a 5th and 6th place finish by our Girls Junior B Singlist, a 4th place finish by the Girls Junior B Double and a sixth place finish by our Junior Quad. This is the first time a sculler from all of Florida has achieved a gold medal in a US National Championship and the first time Abc takes all of their rowers to the finals in atleast one event. With these performances it will be very difficult to top, but not impossible. Congratulations to all of our rowers and good luck next seasson.
         (6-11-04) Nationals Here We Come!!! The 04 season is almost over but with Nationals being our last race there is no time to relax. This is were the best are determined from the greatest. Even the name sounds like a glorious city for champions (Indianapolis) and thats what we will attempt to demonstrate. We  travel not just for competition but for victory!!! See You There.
        (5-20-04) Out of the three boats entered at states three came home holding medals and two are the current state champions. (Check our Regatta's List Link for more information). The G2x and B1x are state champions and the B2x came close by in a two second finish behind first. Our club may not have the quantity but we indeed have the quality. See you at Indianapolis in July!!    
        (4-10-04)  The American Barge Club have just finished our spring regattas,and we have finished them in victory.  This year we have not gone to a regatta without a 1st or 2nd place finish (visit the Regatta's List link at the left side for complete results) Now come the championship races, the ones that truly matter and identify the best of the best. We will begin May 8 with the FSRA Youth State Championships from there on we will go to a south east regional and two national regattas stay tuned to the website for updates on our results.
     (12-4-03)  We have just finshed this years winter season and what a fantastic winter season it was. The last three regattas of American Barge Club's 20th year aniversary!!!
   (11-24-03)     It all began at the
Head of the indian creek reagatta where our boys and girls crew showed a fantastic perfocrmance with three firstplace finishes in Boys 1x and 2x and in the girls 1x second place finishes in the girls 1x and Men's open 1x and an outstanding performance in the lighweight single. After the head of the Indian Creek we traveled to beutiful Atlanta were we had an outstanding performance at the Head of the Chattahoochee by the two singlist who went, one finishing in second and the other fourth.To finish our winter trio regattas we went to the Gator Head Race in  Palatka, Forida where we successively finished first place in the men's open double and second in the men's open single. Congratulations to all and keep up the good work this spring season!!!
    (8-11-03)      American Barge Club has just returned from the
US Rowing national clubs championship regatta. We were the only club from all of Florida and managed to well represent it with great outstanding performances from all our members. A third place finish for the Men's Junior B double!!!
                  Also the outstanding performance of our newly refined quad, that with a new stroke easily  made it to the finals and recieved a fith place finish !!!
             Dont forget the couragouse performance of our novice  intermediate single sculler who had a made a great time in the senior 500m dash. Congratulations to all and we hope that next year our outstanding female crew will join us at the next nationals regatta.
         Welcome to our site! If you dont know about us, here is a little bit of our background:

       We are a rowing club in Miami, Florida and consider ourselves very competitive in sculling. We compete in the top southeastern regatta's of the U.S. We also host our own regatta which is held every year in the beautiful Blue Lagoon Lake. The
Devil's Half Mile Regatta is an 800 meter sprint. We encourage anyone in our area to come to our 21st year anniversary celebration which will be held at the regatta.To learn more about it, just click on the link to the left.
         If you would like to sign your crew up, or would just like to know more about us, just sign the guestbook at the bottom of the page or click on our
Directions Link.

Now please feel free to explore our site.
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