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All the content of this site has been copyrighted by the author and no part can be copied without written consent. For an overview of copyright principles see the Copyright Site at

However, being the Internet a magnet for slime, several sites, mostly indigenous-related, have appropriated copyrighted content and even complete pages from this site:

  • Azteca Net. This site was shamelessly built mostly out of content appropriated with no authorization from other sites. Here is a list of significant items taken from the netnews soc.culture.mexican FAQ file. (Titles in parentheses are initial names attempting to cover up the ripoff, and they have been changed by the pilferer after visiting this page)
    1. (Calendars) An obsolete copy of Precolumbian calendars Updated and substituted by a page of links.
    2. (About Mexico's name) An unauthorized, obsolete copy of FAQ#8: Cua'l es la pronunciacio'n del nombre de Me'xico?
    3. (What is a Chicano?) An unauthorized, obsolete copy of FAQ#46: Are Chicanos the same as Mexicans?
    4. (Where is Aztlan?) An unauthorized, obsolete copy of FAQ#47: What is the meaning of the world AZTLAN?
    5. (Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo) TREATY WITH MEXICO An unauthorized, stripped copy from FAQ#40: Is the text for the Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo available online?
    6. (Como aprendo Nahautl? [sic]) An unauthorized, obsolete copy of FAQ#9: How can I learn Nahuatl?
    7. (What is Mexico's Indian Population?) An unauthorized, obsolete copy of FAQ#10: What is the Indian population of Mexico?

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  • Aguila Blanca. This site collects eagle pictures and has snatched one from the almanac and another from the Codex Mendoza page.

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  • MariachiWeb has copied the page of Mexican songs of the soc.culture.mexican FAQ and placed shamelessly it under a link of "Canciones MexicanOS" [sic], with no authorization without adding anything of value (except perhaps negative, if one considers the blunders in the link title).

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  • Cancionero de la Música Chilena, Espaņola y Latinoamericana has downloaded one by one every item of the corridos web site (in a display of patience) and put it in a low- tech, low-brain implementation (thru email?!) and under the annoying format of Geocities pages.

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