Moshi moshi.. All fighterz and non fighterz! ^-^ Welcome again to the Fighterz Zone... One year had passed, lotz of things had happend, and now you're facing the second version of Fighterz zone! ^___^

Basically, the content of this zone is still the same, still consist of all our precious memories. I have put all the information and all the stuffs I have about Fighterz. I hope that it would give you unforgettable thoughts about Fighterz. hehe.. This site is being made by registering to two free homepages in geocities... what I try to say is, this site consisted of 30 MB spaces! Yet not enough to put all of our memories... ^^'

By the way, If you have any information about Fighterz, Sutomo, or anything related, simply email me! And I will fight my best to add it to this site. =D
Fighterz Forever,
PS: If there are any broken links, please email me!
21st July'05
Yooo.. the second version of Fighterz is up! ^__^... One year passed since I made my first website by using FrontPage.. This time.. it is Dreamweaver! hoho.. Notice the flash at the top of the page.. It is my first Flash.. <self boasting> All my first for the Fighterz ^^
Oh ya.. one other thing stay the same is our trademark of Black n Gold. Haha.. I got complain from Jess n Inche ("Totally black again, huu?") Thanks Tomy for defending me ("No black no balance maa!") haha.. jokin2 :P But really, i use the colour again aftar alot of consideration =D.. Any comment will be gratefully accepted ^_^
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