Massive Communication Weapons for the de-criminalization of cannabis against Prohibition

Massive Communication Weapons against Prohibition

A Marathon of Artistic Expression with high T.H.C. content


Massive Communication Weapons for the legalization of Cannabis

Fed up with injustice, fed up with repression, sick of paying fines and of police pressure, of putting up with their searching and frisking, of being taken for criminals, of living with anguish and helplessness. We stand up and speak now, for the media distorts our image confusing us with poisoners of Public Health and setting us against the society we live in.


To express yourself with Art: summoning and participation


The 00th Marihuanathon is born open to all types of participation, with the ultimate goal of adding a little speck to the Mountain of claims for the legalization of cannabis. We will make this mountain big enough to bring on an adaptation of the Law to a generalized conception of "normality", burying the intolerance that has turned cannabis into a clandestine plant illegal all over the Globe.


How to participate: Participating


This open proposal invites you to be a part of it with a work of art in any type of format. But we don't just count on your brains. Your hands and a little bit of your time will also be useful for the legalization of cannabis. You too can launch air raids with our most powerful mass communication weapon: the Flyer, which you can download, print, photocopy, fold up and throw in the air as many times as you want from any window - the higher the better. Our message will ride the wind to wherever destiny takes it, and on landing will release its intelectual load among those of us who feel identified with the anti-prohibitionist movement.

Donations will also be welcome as this would allow the Team to expand the production possibilities with more solvency.


the Exhibit


Artwork in physical format will be exhibited for two weeks. Performances and films shall take place in accordance to a program that will be prepared for the two Marihuanathon weeks. Once ready, the program will be released via all the possible media, including the Flyer, as soon as we have an approximate number of participants. There will be discussion panels on cannabis-related issues.



Democratic Prize


Participants will have the chance to vote for the artwork when they buy tickets. On the last day of the Marihuanathon, we will make a special draw with the tickets (through the "innocent hand" method). The prize will be the winning (most voted) artwork. The money from the tickets will be donated to A.M.E.C. (Madrid's Association for Cannabis Studies) in appreciation of their work defending our freedom.

The winner of the Democratic Concourse will recieve the HousePlant's aRtivism First Prize, a complete Closet for Indoor Growing at home.


Practise the Art of Origami with the Different Flyer Models


Libreria Editorial Ediciones Amargord

the Literary Artistic and Psiconautic Club Amargord is in

C/ Torrecilla del Leal nº 32, in Lavapiés, Madrid



Asociación Madrileña para Estudios del Cannabis

C/ Salitre 23 , in Lavapiés, Madrid


HousePlant, the First GrowShop in Spain

House Plant was the First GrowShop openned in Spain

in C/ la Palma nº 42, in Malasaña, Madrid



17th June Energy Control will analize your Chemical Substances

Energy Control es una ONG y analiza las Sustancias Psicoactivas Ilegales




the Magazine about Cannabis in Spain

the Magazine about Cannabis in Spain



Air raid against prohibition with Mass Communication Weapons for the de-criminalization of cannabis


Maraton Cultural de Expresion Artistica por la Normalizacion de la Marihuana en el Club Literario Artistico y Psiconautico Amargord en Lavapies, Madrid

Aero-Flyer Psiconautic Model

First Prize HousePlant de aRtivismo por Concurso Democratico en Homenaje the First Grow Shop in Spain

Aero-Flyer HousePlant Model


la Asociacion Madrileña de Estudios sobre el Cannabis en Guerra contra la Guerra contra las Drogas

Aero-Flyer War toWar Model

Aero-Flyer de tecnologia Origami para Expresarte con Arte por la Normalizacion de la Marihuana

Aero-Flyer Stormyly Model

de regalo semillas GN3 Golden Skush para cada Artista que juegue la 00ª Marihuanaton

Aero-Flyer GN3 Model









Marcha del Millon de Porros, Million Marijuana March en todo el Globo Terraqueo, manifestacion por la normalizacion del cannabis

la Marcha del Millón de Porros, in Spain

Global Marijuana March

for the Normalization of Marijuana




maraton de expresion artistica de alto contenido en THC

Artistas por la Descriminalización (castellano)




el Exorcismo de H. Anslinger, Prohibicionista

Harry Anslinger, Culpable de Prohibicionismo

Harry Anslinger, Culpable de Prohibicionismo, fue sometido a Vergüenza Pública en la Picota de Navalkejigo, del S. XIII, y luego ardió en el Fuego Purificador de la Hoguera de San Juan




la Marcha del Millón de Porros en la Plaza de Oriente de Madrid

Porro Real en la Plaza de Oriente de Madrid

Million Marijuana March

7 de Mayo de 2005 en todo el Globo (terráqueo)



la Marcha del Millón de Porros de 2004 una tarde de Sol al Sol en la Puerta del Sol de Madrid

Super Rubia con  Super Porro

(Million Marijuana March in Madrid)




el Poder del Cannabis en la Mente regenerador neuronal

el Poder del Cannabis en la Mente




Fotografia de Alto Contenido en THC

a 00 ( Doblecero ) Fotos

Fotografía de Alto Contenido en THC




Molecula de Cannabis, tetrahidrocannabidol THC

Efectos Nocivos del Cannabis

En qué nos perjudica el hábito de consumir cannabis




Jardineria Hedonista Urbana de Marijuana Bajo la Ventana

Cosecha para Poder Fumar unos canutos de Marijuana, autocultivo en exterior outdoor

In the Huerto

Cosecha Urbana

...lo que hay que hacer para Fumarse un Porro




a Semana Cultural

Cosas q no Enseñan en el Cole

Acerca de Esas Cosas que No Enseñan en el Cole

Ciencia, Historia, Filosofía y Fotografía en Blanco y Negro




fotos, Fotografia de Alto Contenido, series, relatos, reportajes, fotografo profesional

T.I.F Fotos the Ibán

Fotografia de Alto Contenido









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