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This is a fansite dedicated to Viggo Mortensen, the actor, artist and poet which, for many of us, he is much, much more than that.
             The intention for this fansite is to share information, pictures and all sorts of goodies related to Viggo in one place.
                                                Take a look around and enjoy!
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February 1, 08 :: Well, here I am doing what I set out to do in August... I'm starting to close everything and leave only the gallery open. Links will start to malfunction and maybe things will be missing, but you know what's going on. Hopefully, I can do all this fast. Let's see how the days move on.

August 6, 07
:: Well, I think sooner or later it was going to happen, no? I'm closing the site. I'm on my last year of high-school, soon I'll have bigger responsabilites and less time to do the little things I like, so I won't be able to even look at my site. It's sad, but it has to be done. Now, I want to leave the Gallery open, ' cause that was really the most important thing for me from this website. I love pictures, and I love Viggo's pics, and I like sharing them. I'll try to put up all the pics I have for Viggo in my files and then leave the site. That is, when I can.
Thank you everyone for the support you have giving me with the site, thanks for looking, commenting, and helping me fix a thing or two.
Viggo forever! : )

                                                  Much love, Sarai M. Rosario
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