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Welcome To My Home On The 'Net

(January 18, 2004, 3:07am)

Wow. Last update was April 16. Goes to show that I haven't updated this in a while. Actually, I'm writing this to say that I probably won't update it very often at all anymore. Should I start up another webpage, it will be because I started up a webcomic, which I'd like to do, or because I needed to put up a professional site for myself. With that said, seeing as it's been almost 9 months since an update, the chances of this site ever seeing an update again are surely small. Maybe I'll revamp it and turn it into something different one day... or maybe not. Either way, if this page has any readers at all, I regret to inform you that you're better off just dropping this now.

If, however, people are coming by and checking the place out for the first time, feel free to peruse its contents. Hopefully you'll find something amusing. The e-mail account that this page is tied to is one that I still check at least once a week, so feel free to drop me a line if you want to praise what you see, or tear down what you see.

Some of my courses right now, actually, are in web-design, so if anything I'll be using my knowledge gained at college in order to make my next webpage better. I do hope that the next site is a webcomic, but you never know. I'm nowhere near a good enough artist to even consider trying (plus, I don't have a scanner, and I don't have the means, yet, to bother with a domain and shit like that), but that may change eventually.

Either way, thank you for visiting. Feel free to brush the dust off the chairs, open the photo albums and old books, and peruse their contents. I admit, some of this stuff is low-quality shit (some of those movie reviews and rants... I can't believe I wrote such tripe--not all, just some), but some of it is quite good (some of the rants, a couple of reviews... and, I can't help but say, that whole Otaku Strikes section is my favourite).

I've rambled on long enough. Again, thank you for visiting. Should I ever put up another webpage, I'll post it here, but chances are this will remain a ghost-site, covered in dust and undisturbed except by those few who chance by it.

But remember, the doors to the Den are always open, eh.

(April 16, 2003)

Wow. It's been a long damn bloody while since I last updated, eh. Well, I really have no excuse except for laziness and being busy with school. Oh, and having the shittiest setup and internet connection in the world (still working with dial-up, people, which means I gotta leave that phone line free most of the time).

Regardless, though, things are going well. I graduate from York this year. Then in September I go to Seneca for courses there (dose or reality: what am I gonna do with a BA in Creative Writing?... exactly).

Tootles, y'all.

(August 30, 2002)

Hey, there, everyone. Got myself a new computer, recently, and it's a beautiful sight, truly. I've also been playing "Neverwinter Nights" the past few days, and all's I can say is that if you're a Dungeons&Dragons fan, then check this game out. It's highly addictive, and you can even play DM and run your own game should the need arise (I have yet to check out the DM tools, but I've heard good things).

(July 1, 2002): Quick movie reviews...

The Borne Identity: Should be "The Bored Identity" because it wasn't all that exciting. Not a bad movie by any stretch of the imagination, but it's nothing all that special, either. Go on cheap night, matinee, or rental.

Bad Company: Much more enjoyable than the above mentioned flick. It's Chris Rock, it's Anthony Hopkins, and it's produced by Jerry Bruckheimer. If anyone thinks "Hey, this is a lot like The Rock," well, it is. It's the same style of movie, lots of fun, not much to really take seriously. If you want a good time, go ahead and check this one out.

Scooby Doo: Smack me upside the head and call me a monkey, I actually had fun at this flick. I grew up with the TV series, though, and I loved it as a kid, so I was a bit biased. But it was fun. I left the movie feeling good with a sense of satisfaction, not to mention an actual smile on my face. If you were a fan of the series, check it out. It's actually fun, and the actors suit the parts (especially Matthew Lillard as Shaggy... boy, it's frightening how suited for the part he is). Go and have a good time, that's all there is to this one.


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