Ladies and Gentlemen, this bonded security agent
has hidden a check for $46, one of these 66 surprise packages. Today, some lucky contestant will go for a prize worth $46,000 on...

Treasure Hunt

This page is a tribute to one of my favorite games!

Host: Geoff Edwards

Originally aired Sept. 10, 1973 to Sept. 1977
Syndicated version aired Sept. 14, 1981-Sept. 1982

Special thanks go to Michael Klauss for the Snappys and extra special thanks to Geoff Edwards himself, for providing some of the information on this show. Treasure Hunt is copyrighted by Chuck Barris Productions. No challenge to their ownership is implied.

Let's hope that the 70s version will air soon, and that more eps. from the 80s version resurface. PRODUCERS, COLLECTORS, ANYBODY who has an episode from Treasure Hunt (Jan Murray, 70's or 80's) that I don't have, email me, and I will consider a trade. Also, I need info. on the Jan Murray version of Treasure Hunt

The premise was simple. If you are three of the lucky females (that's right, NO male contestants on Treasure Hunt) with a number in the gift box (or a star in a balloon in the 80's. run), then you have a chance to pick one of three surprise boxes. (two in the '80s run) One of the boxes contains a pop up surprise (a flower in the 70s, a Jack in the Box in the 80s) The player with the surprise got to go on the Treasure Hunt. (on the 80's version, only 2 contestants were chosen, and one remained on the show until she failed to pick the surprise box.)

These boxes usually contained unusual items that gave them some clue leading them (or misleading them) to the prize(s) they won. The box with the check, however, had ONLY the check. On one occasion, the box was completely empty, but not necessarily without a prize.

All contestants that were on the show were very good sports, who knew that if they get on at all, they'll have a minimum of 45 seconds of on camera time. However, if they are lucky enough to pick the right pop up surprise package, ANYTHING could happen. Sometimes, they'll be asked to do funny things or wear funny props, and other times, the contestant plays the "straight man" and funny things happen to Geoff or any of the other regulars mentioned below.


Geoff Edwards

This is Geoff's best show. His ability to create suspense was incredible. He also has a great ability to ad-lib and provide lots of laughs. In fact, he had to memorize 66 sketches for EACH show. Geoff has also been victim to occasional pies in the face and other strange occurances.

Also, other small sketches were thrown in, which had nothing to do with the show, and were just fillers. One example was a time when Geoff left a contestant alone with the box while grabbing some food from the commissary.

Usually, the box contained
A totally useless klunk. (A word that Geoff himself invented)
A klunk that actually lead to a bigger prize
Cards and small props that (sometimes misleadingly) described the prize

Emile Autouri

Once a real security guard himself, Emile was hired by Chuck Barris to play the security guard on the show. This bearded man, dressed in a black outfit and a black derby. Emile remained expressionless when Geoff talked to him, and usually only spoke the words "yes I did" when Geoff asked him if he hid the check. Geoff tried REAL hard to make him laugh, and on occasion brought small children to try to coax him. Amazingly enough, Emile never as much cracked a SMILE. Emile Autouri has passed on, but I don't know what year. Email me if you know!!

Jan Speck

Jan was the model that helped the contestant get the box that the contestant wanted. Very often Jan wore very suggestive outfits. As Geoff said "If we used Jan now the way we used her then, N.O.W would come at us with rolling pins". Jan, with long brown hair and a big smile, also participated a lot in the sketches, playing a Dumb Dora type. She also flirted with Geoff quite frequently, and Geoff's reaction to her wardrobe was often hilarious. Most recently, Jan has appeared in cameos and walk-ons in various films. You may catch a glimpse of Jan in Short Circuit, Modern Problems, and Point of No Return.

Ellen Metzger

Ellen also participated quite frequently in the sketches. Ellen had shorter brown hair and an all-american look. One highlight included when she got a contestant to lip sync to the Wizard of Oz song "If I were King of the Forest", and also when she played a robot contestant. Ellen was also the producer of the show, and worked for several other Chuck Barris shows.

Steve Friedman

Probably the most versatile of the bunch, he played a variety of characters on the show. He even dressed in drag once in a while. Steve was also involved with other Chuck Barris shows. Steve now works for Sony.

Among Steve's characters:

Vend-a-Buddy- A robot that worked as a greeter at an airline

Pierre Robair- Host of the French Treasure Hunt. He sang and kissed the contestants

Mike Metzger

One of the show's producers, and Ellen's husband. He's best known as Professor Klunk, the fiendish character that showed off these klunks. Most recently, Mike was a writer for Family Feud.

Chuck Barris

That's right, Chuckie-Baby also joined in on the fun in the '70s version of Treasure Hunt. More info. on him as it becomes available. Chuck retired after Treasure Hunt, and is now reportedly living in France.

Johnny Jacobs

Johnny occasionally was involved with the sketches too. He was only on camera TWICE that I know of. Johnny Jacobs died during the run of the 80's version of Treasure Hunt.

The "teenage" girls

Sometimes, these "teenage" girls would model the klunks, doing a very strange dance to the klunk music. More info on them as I get more.

One other model

On occasion, an african-american model would also show the prizes on Treasure Hunt, but no one knows who she is. Anyone out there know?

The Klunks

Treasure Hunt has featured a variety of useless prizes. Some of these include...

A hunter's net
An old baby carriage
A very old electric fan
A paper cup from the vending machine in the studio commecary
A base drum
Treasure Hunt T-shirts
A wig
A pogo stick
And more

And who could forget that funky klunk music! It's very hard to describe. Download it below!

The 70's version of Treasure Hunt MAY air soon, but no word as to when or IF that will happen.

Click here to see someHighlights from the show!

NEW!!! Here are some sounds! Special thanks to Brian Dominy

The Treasure Hunt theme
The Klunk music

Chuck Donegan also has the rulesheet for The New Treasure Hunt Click Here to go to it

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