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Take a risk!....Take a chance!....Take a dare! the game of...

A tribute to a short lived game show that brought isolation booth games up to another level

Miscellaneous Info

Aired December 13, 1976-April 29, 1977
This was Alex Trebek's first game show for Goodson-Todman
The theme music for Double Dare was later used on Card Sharks

The Rules

Two players. Both contestants are in isolation booths.

A subject is given, and clues are given.

When a player buzzes in, the other player is closed off and cannot hear what's going on. The player that buzzed in now has a chance to guess the subject. If that player guesses it right, he/she gets 50 dollars, and an opportunity to DARE their opponent to guess the same subject on the next clue.

Contestant Alan Lusher is now in a "DARE" situation

If the contestant TAKES THE DARE, the opponent looks at the next clue and tries to guess it. If successful, that contestant gets $50, if unsuccessful, his/her opponent gets $100, and an opportunity to DOUBLE DARE their opponent to guess the same subject on the next clue.

Alan Lusher is now in a "DOUBLE DARE" situation

If the DOUBLE DARE is successful, the player gets $200 , if unsuccessful, their opponent gets $100. $500 wins the game.

Another victory for Alan Lusher!

If the player that buzzes in guesses INCORRECTLY, then he/she gets closed off, and their opponent gets to look at the next clue and guess the subject. If guessed correctly then the same DARE option applies. If the player guesses incorrectly, then both players are eligibible for the next clue, but the closed off player never sees the previous clue.

Of course, if the player decides NOT to take the dare, then the game continues with a new subject

The Spoiler round

Some people feel indifferent toward the spoilers. I happen to like the bonus round. The Spoilers are three Ph.Ds who are experts in many fields. They don't want the contestant to win the money, and it's fun to see their devilish grins when they win. The three spoilers are also in isolation booths.

The spoilers were very intimidating. Some of their names were intimidating too.

The subject is revealed to the contestant. There are 8 clues altogether, and the contestant must give 4 clues to the spoilers, and is allowed 4 passes. The numbers are no indication as to how hard or easy the clues are.

For each spoiler that the contestant stumps, he/she wins $100. If the 4th clue can get by at least ONE spoiler, then the contestant wins $5000!

However, if the spoiler guesses the subject, the spoiler wins $100 and doesn't play for the remainder of the round. If all three guess the subject, then the player wins the money accumulated in the bonus game

A disappointing loss for the contestant.

Memorable contestants

Alan Lusher

Alan Lusher was on the show for 8 days, and won over $20,000. He's notable for his nervous mannerisms and wit. He was also a contestant on Jeopardy! Read about his Jeopardy! experience below!

Some of Alan's witty and notable comments

On daring and double daring
"Either he/she knows it or he/she doesn't, let's dare/double dare him"

On being a contestant
"I'm grateful for this opportunity to display my ignorance to a nationwide audience"

On Dr. Wallace, one of the Spoilers who he didn't stump
"I think Dr. Wallace is striking a blow for women's lib"

On winning $5,000
"Alex, you put me in another tax bracket"

Alan (Al) Lusher appeared on Jeopardy! in 1985. Amongst his competition was Tic Tac Dough contestant Mark Leinwand. Alan's nervous mannerisms and trembling voice were also quite evident on Jeopardy!, as he tended to jerk himself forward everytime he attempted to buzz in, locking himself out in the process. (The buzzers will not work until a light goes on inside their podiums). Appearance-wise, Alan hadn't changed much, his hair was just grayer. Unfortunately, Alan's Jeopardy! experience was much less successful. In fact, Alan was one of the few victims of forgetting to phrase the Final Jeopardy! answer in the form of a question, which was a very costly and embarassing mistake.

Sarabeth "Sassy" Rothfeld

The adorable Sarabeth was on Double Dare 4 years before appearing on Face the Music, and 18 years later appeared on Match Game 98. She spoke some French to Alex, prompting Alex to be somewhat flirtatious with her. (she can speak French to me ANYTIME!) Known on this show as "Sassy", her stay on the show was all too short, only lasting one match. Her luck would be far better on Face The Music, being the first contestant to win 10 games and a trip around the world, and on Match Game 98, she won the main game, but unfortunately failed to win the Head to Head. Sarabeth hadn't changed much since Face The Music, just that she appeared to be wearing more makeup and her hair was a little different.

Ray Winston

Described by Alex as the "OJ Simpson of Double Dare" (as Ray resembles OJ) Ray also had a nice long run, lasting 8 games. While Ray was virtually unbeatable in the main game, he never won against the Spoilers. In fact, Ray is the only player to score ZERO during the spoiler round. There was something about Ray's charm, however, that made the audience go wild. On one show, the producers decided to allow Ray to enter at the beginning of the show instead of Alex. The audience went into a FRENZY. Ray started the show, but Alex later entered, commenting that HE never gets that much of an ovation on his entrance. Ray also was partially responsible for one of the FUNNIEST moments to ever happen on Double Dare.

The subject was BALDNESS

First clue: "When Napoleon met with Czar Alexander of Russia to discuss the future of Europe, they ended up discussing this"
Ray buzzes in: The gout?
Alex: Wrong answer...but I like it!
(Lyn now sees a penalty clue)
Clue #2- "A psychiatrist Thomas Szasz of the University of Chicago announced that laughter can cause it"
Lyn: Hemmoroids?
(wild laughter from audience)
Alex: A song title just came to me..."I'll never smile again!"
Clue #3- "In 4000 BC, the mother of Egypt's King Chatos tried to cure his with a concoction of dog's paws, dates and ass' hooves"
Lyn buzzes in: Is it wrinkles?
Alex: From hemmoroids to wrinkles... no you're wrong
Clue #4- It is rare among Eskimos, lower primates and women
Ray buzzes in: Irregularity!
Alex: This program started off in good shape, but has deteriorated in the last 20 minutes!

The subject was finally guessed by Ray on the next clue, and Alex commented "We've had more afflictions on this subject than we've ever had on Double Dare!

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