Sources for The Myth of Ba'al

A Bibliography

  1. Mark S. Smith, The Ugaritic Ba'al Cycle, Vol. 1: Introduction with Text, Translation & Commentary of KTU 1.1-1.2 1994, E. J. Brill, Leiden - New York - Koln.
    This entire book is devoted to the Battle of Ba'al and Yam. Includes a transliteration of this part of the myth and a great deal of analysis. Highly recommended, but very expensive.

  2. G.R. Driver, trans., J. C. L. Gibson, ed., Canaanite Myths and Legends 1956, 1977, T. & T. Clark Ltd., Edinburgh.
    Includes a transliteration of the tablets and straight-forward translations.

  3. Johannes de Moor, The Seasonal Pattern in the Myth of Ba' lu according to the version of Ilimilku 1971.
    A complex analysis of the myth with the point of proving that it indicates a seasonal cycle, something hotly debated by scholars. Whether he is right or wrong, provides much useful detail. Recommended.

  4. Theodor Gaster, trans., Thespis: Ritual, Myth & Drama in the Ancient Near East 1950, 1966, Harper & Row, Publishers, New York, pp. 114-244.
    Interesting, with a tendency to add unlikely text where none exists, and to embellish with purple prose. But well worth having.

  5. H. L. Ginsberg, trans., in The Ancient Near East, An Anthology of Tests and Pictures, edited by James B. Pritchard, 1958, Princeton University Press. pp. 92-118.
    Another straight-forward translation.

  6. U. Cassuto, trans. by Israel Abrahams. The Goddess Anath, 1951, Magnes Press, Hebrew University, Jerusalem.
    Although written a while ago, it's full of useful information and texts. It comprises excerpts from the Ugaritic myths which concern ‘Anat, analysis of them, and comparison of Ugaritic and Hebrew Biblical literary styles, showing that they represent a cultural continuum.

  7. Michael David Coogan, trans. & ed., Stories from Ancient Canaan 1978, Westminster Press, Philadelphia, pp. 86-89.
    This is the least satisfactory in the bunch, even counting Gaster's tendency to purple prose. Coogan leaves out a lot, includes no references, no glossary, etc. But if it is all you can find...

For more Canaanite bibliographic references, see the Library of Sacred Scrolls.

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