Plasma Collection v1.1
by SET

Plasma Collection is, as your name states, a collection of plasma effects to be exact four plasmas are included. These effects are very well known but in the past a PC was able to reproduce these effects only in resolutions like 160x100 to achive a good frame rate.
Nowadays computers and video cards are much more faster and hence is possible to break this barrier. Plasma Collection can reproduce these effects in SVGA resolutions.
Another problem was the need to handle huge amounts of memory, this program is compiled with DJGPP allowing the use of all the memory available in your computer even under DOS.
The program is free and can be downloaded double clicking here.


Parts of this code are copyrighted by:
DJ Delorie and contributors . (libc)
The University of California, Berkeley and its contributors. (libc)
Shawn Hargreaves and contributors (Allegro)
Doug Eleveld (DEGUI)
Bitstream Inc. (Fonts)

Some ideas from code of:
Richard A. Nutman, a.k.a Nutty
Jan Müller & Erik Hansen
JCL-software (Jezza)
Tom Dibble

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