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Welcome, to my web page. My name is Charlie Bury, I live in Catonsville, Maryland. I'm a SFC in the Maryland Army National Guard with 20yrs Service. In my civilian life I'm a Baltimore County Police Officer assigned to the Wilkens Station. As a hobby I collect G.I.Joe and other Military Action Figures. This site contains pictures of my collection and shots taken during my military service. Please enjoy your visit.

My new Beret and my new tags.

Me and my talking astronaut way back in 1969

This picture was taken in NY City at the FAO store on November 9th, 1999. The car was awarded to me by Hasbro for winning the Real Spirit Of G.I. Joe Contest. Pictured with me is my wife Cheryl and my wonderful son Charles.

I can't begin to put in words how Honored I am to be announced as the winner of this contest. As a young boy, I learned the values I hold so dear through the many hours of play with G.I.Joe. Through my imagination I could travel anywhere in the world with G.I. Joe, combating evil and always winning. I learned about the great veterans of this country who fought for our way of life and gave us the freedom we enjoy today. Those veterans, especially the World War Two vets are the true HERO's that G.I. Joe represents!

Photo printed in ARMY TIMES, 01/04/2000.

This photo was taken during a visit to the Arbutus Elementary School. I was invited by the school to participate in their attendence rally. I also received a wonderful plaque from the school for being selected as "The Real Spirit Of G.I. Joe". The kids were truly amazing and since the visit I have been told that many went out and bought a G.I. Joe.

Visiting Arbutus Elementary School, my new friends..

G.I. Charlie Joe and his New Mustang (Converted Barbi Car)

Article from March Issue ToyFare Magazine

ADJ General Fretterd awards me 115th Regiment NCO of the year for 1999.

My WW1 diorama, 2nd place winner 1999 Hasbro Con.

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