O'Brien, Jeremiah Private A June 27, 1862 Battle
O'Brien, Michael (1) Private C
O'Connor, John P. Private A Since the war Disease
O'Hara, Thomas J. Private G
O'Leary, Timothy Private F
O'Neil, Charles H. (1) Corporal C
O'Neil, William Private C 1886 Disease
O'Sullivan, Jeremiah Private F
Orell, Maxim Private H Since the war Disease
Ormond, Joseph H. Private A
Orr, Samuel Private Un. Since the war Disease
Orrok, Henry L. 2nd Lieut. E
Osborne, Charles Private Un.
Osborne, William W. Private F May 27, 1863 Battle
Osgood, Cyrus M. Private SS MORE
Osgood, Lewis V. 2nd Lieut. Batt. Since the war Disease
Osgood, Thomas B. Sergeant Batt.
Oviatt, Charles (1) Sergeant SS MORE
Paine, Charles A. Corporal A
Paine, Charles J. Bv. Maj. G. MORE
Paine, Thomas Private Batt.
Palmer, George F. Private H Since the war Disease
Palmer, George L. Private SS MORE
Parfitt, John Private A July 4, 1862 Battle
Parker, George Private Un.
Parker, Horace A. Corporal D
Parker, John L. Corporal F MORE
Parker, John T. Private Batt.
Parks, Charles S. Private Batt.
Parks, William Sergeant A Since the war Disease
Parlin, Herman F. Private SS May 8, 1864 Battle MORE
Parmenter, George Private I
Parsons, Jackson M. Private Batt. Aug. 22, 1862 Disease
Parsons, John Private Batt. July 29, 1862 Battle
Payne, William S. Private K 1885 Drowned
Peabody, Francis Private G Oct. 3, 1864 Disease
Peabody, Torrey Private G
Pearl, George W. Private E
Peaselee, Alpheus Private I Sept. 18, 1862 Battle
Peaselee, Reuben P. Private G
Peck, Frederick O. Private D
Peckham, Charles E. (1) Private A
Peckham, William W. (1) Private A
Pendergrast, William Private A
Penny, Ephraim B. Private F
Penny, Luther A. Private F July 31, 1862 Disease
Penny, Andrew J. Private D
Perkins, Edwin C. Private C
Perkins, George T. Asst. Sur. Dec. 7, 1880 Accident MORE
Perkins, Isreal F. Private A
Perkins, Nelson Private SS MORE
Perkins, William H. Private A May 16, 1862 Disease
Perley, Joseph A. Private SS MORE
Perry, Charles L. M. Private D
Perry, Edward Private D
Perry, Elbridge F. Private K May 5, 1864 Battle
Perry, George A. Private C Dec. 13, 1862 Battle
Perry, Henry (1) Private F
Perry, Samuel F. Private H
Peterson, Edward Private Un.
Petterson, Leonard Private E May 8, 1864 Battle
Pew, Edward C. Private G
Phelps, Henry Private A June 27, 1862 Battle
Phelps, Henry B. Sergeant E
Phettyplace, Amasa Private K
Philbrook, David T. Sergeant H June 27, 1862 Battle
Phillips, Charles Private H
Phillips, Thomas W. Private Un. Since the war Disease
Pichitte, David Private Un.
Pickett, John W. Private Batt. Nov. 21, 1874
Pierce, Harrison (1) Private K
Pierce, Philip R. W. Private E
Pierpont, John Chaplain Aug. 27, 1866 Disease
Pike, Eben W. Private G
Pike, Marshall S. Drum-Maj. MORE
Pilling, Julius (1) Private C
Pinkham, Charles F. Private SS Since the war Disease MORE
Pitman, Timothy H. Private H Jan. 1863 Disease
Plant, Robert J. Sergeant C
Plummer, Daniel L. Artificer Batt.
Plummer, Lewis K. Sergeant I May 5, 1864 Battle
Plympton, Isaac G. Private K July 4, 1862 Battle
Plympton, John A. Private A
Pomeroy, Samuel C. Corporal B
Pond, George O. Private SS Jan. 20, 1863 Disease MORE
Pontin, Abraham R. Private C
Poole, Henry Private D Dec. 13, 1862 Battle
Poor, Alonzo B. Private B
Pope, William F. Private D Dec. 13, 1862 Battle
Porter, Daniel C. Private C
Potter, Albert Private B Sept. 8, 1863 Disease
Potter, George, Jr. (2) Private Batt.
Powers, James (1) Private Un.
Powers, John L. Private G
Pratt, David C. Corporal C Since the war Disease
Pratt, John F. Private K
Pratt, Levi G. Sergeant A
Pratt, Rodney H. Private A Sept 11, 1862 Battle
Pray, Samuel F. Private D
Presby, Charles E. Private Batt.
Presby, George T. Private Batt.
Prescott, Enos S. Private Batt. March 20, 1862 Disease
Prescott, George W. Sergeant Batt. June 1876 Disease
Prescott, Warren Artificer Batt.
Prescott, William H. Corporal Batt.
Pressy, William L. Private H
Prince, James P. Asst. Surg.
Proctor, Jonathan Private A June 27, 1862 Battle
Prouty, Orlando C. Sergeant G
Pryor, John Private G Deserted
Pugsley, Sewall Private F Nov. 12, 1863 Disease
Quigley, Michael Private K
Quigley, William Private K June 27, 1862 Battle
Quimby, Oscar B. Private K June 27, 1862 Battle
Quinlan, Daniel (1) Private Batt.
Quinaln, Daniel Private I
Quinn, William Private E
Rafferty, William H. Private K Since the war Disease
Ragan, Michael Private G
Rand, James B. Private I
Rankin, Daniel Corporal C
Rankin, James W. Private C
Ransom, Wallace R. (2) Sergeant Batt.
Ransom, William (2) Sergeant Batt.
Ray, John J. (1) Corporal E
Raymond, Richard R. Private Batt.
Raymond, Stillman E. Private C
Raymond, William T. Private E
Read, John A. Private C
Read, Peleg W. Private C
Reagan, Daniel J. 1st Sergt. I
Reath, James, Jr. Private B Since the war Disease
Reed, Andrew (2) Private Batt.
Reed, Frank E. Private G
Reed, James S. Private SS June 9, 1862 Disease MORE
Reed, John D. Q.M.S. Batt. MORE
Reed, Joseph P. Musician Band Since the war Disease
Reed, Samuel A. Private Batt.
Reedie, John Private A
Remington, Lysander F. (2) Sergeant Batt. Since the war Disease
Reynolds, Frank M. Private Batt. Since the war Disease
Reynolds, Josiah K. Private C
Reynolds, William B. Private Un.
Rhodes, Amos Private SS MORE
Rice, Rufus C. Private A May 5, 1864 Battle
Rich, Samuel Private Batt.
Richards, Enoch Corporal K
Richards, Ephraim W. Private Batt. Deserted
Richards, Fitz J. Corporal H MORE
Richards, George Private H
Richards, Orin C. Corporal Batt. Since the war Disease
Richards, Thomas A. Private A June 27, 1862 Battle
Richardson, Arthur C. Sergeant K
Richardson, Edwin F. 1st Lieut. G Since the war Disease
Richardson, Frederick Private C
Richardson, James Private E
Richardson, John K. Corporal D MORE
Richardson, Sewell D. Private SS MORE
Richmond, Samuel W. Private C Jan. 8, 1863 Disease
Ricker, Joshua Private D Since the war Disease
Rider, William H. H. Private Un.
Riley, Jeremiah Private I
Riley, John Private Un.
Riley, John Private Un.
Riley, John Private Un.
Riley, John H. Private A




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