Wendy Redlinger and Edmund Brelsford

"programs of Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque music "

duo Ensemble Cordiforme performs a repertory from the Middle Ages, the Renaissance and the Baroque. The two performers, Wendy Redlinger and Edmund Brelsford, sing in several registers and play various instruments, such as harpsichord, portative organ, psaltery, lute, guitar, various recorders, krummhorns and percussion instruments. They both speak a number of languages and sing in Old Provençal, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and English.

Edmund Brelsford studied classical guitar in Paris with Christian Aubin and recorder with the Dutch virtuoso Frans Brueggen. He also studied baroque flute with Hans-Martin Linde of the Schola Cantorum in Basel, Switzerland. Edmund has also taught at The International Recorder Schools in Saratoga Springs, New York, and in Siena, Italy; he currently teaches at Marlboro College and The Music School of the Brattleboro Music Center.

Wendy Redlinger studied piano with Elizabeth Lasley at Oberlin Conservatory and with Storm Bull at the University of Colorado. There, she also studied voice with Gert Muser.

Though based in the United States, Ensemble Cordiforme often tours internationally. Recent tours have taken the performers to North, Central and South America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

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English version
Deutche Version
Version française

Sample Repertoire:

Medieval England

  • Miri it is Anon. 12th Cen.
  • Edi beo thu hevene quene

    Voices, lute, recorders, percussion

    Medieval Spain

  • Por nos virgem Anon. 12th Cen.
  • Da que Deus

    Voices, lute, recorders, percussion

    Ancien Provencal

  • Lancan vei la folha B. deVentadorn (1130-1195)
  • Can vei la lauzeta

    Voices, lute, recorders, percussion

    Medieval Italy

  • Trotto Anon. (14th Century)
  • Il lamento di Tristano

    Voices, lute, portative organ, percussion

    Medieval Germany

  • Ach, senliches Leiden Wolkenstein (1377-1445)
  • Auch fahr ich hin Anon. (c. 1460)

    Voices, recorders, percussion

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