Veirte Stunde (Fourth Lesson) - Veidt articles. Uploaded May 15, 1998.

German nouns are masculine, feminine, and neuter, and they each take a different 'D' word.

Der Vater means 'the' father.
Die Mutter means 'the' mother.
Das Geb�ude means 'the' building.

Most teachers will tell you that when you're memorizing nouns, always memorize them as a two- word group:
Der Kunstr�uber -the art thief
Die nacht - the night.
Das R�tsel- the mystery

However, although the 'D' word Die is used for feminine nouns, it is also used for masculine and feminine nouns - when they are plural.

Die Liebschaften des Hektor Dalmore means The Love Affairs of Hector Dalmore and Die Bruder Schellenberg, means The Brothers Schellenberg.
Wortschatz - VOCABULARY

Der Spion The Spy.
Das Tagebuch einer Verlorenen The Diary of a Lost One.
Die Japanerin The Japanese Woman
Die Nacht auf Goldenhall The Night at Goldenhall
Der Reigen The merry-go-round
Die Augen der Welt The Eyes of the World
Der Graf von Cagliostro The Count of Cagliostro
Das Geheimnis von Bombay The Mystery of Bombay
Der Gang in die Nacht The Walk (masculine) in the Night (feminine)
Veidt German is a light-hearted look at the language, and we won't discuss all the technicalities of declension, and things like accusative, nominative, and dative cases. But this is a reason for people to pay attention during in their school days to their English grammar classes - knowing all this terminology makes it a lot easier to learn any foreign language.



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