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1) The Conrad Veidt Society is dedicated to celebrating the life and career of Conrad Veidt; and ensuring that his admirers around the world have a source of complete information on this remarkable man.

2) The Conrad Veidt Society is dedicated to continuing Conrad Veidt's legacy as a humanitarian. In his early career he starred in movies advocating gay and women rights. In later life he was a staunch opponent of the mindless hatred of Nazism. Mindless hatred still exists today in many forms, and we must speak out against it.

3) The Conrad Veidt Society is dedicated to promoting the study and enjoyment of 'classic' films. By placing Conrad Veidt in the context of his times - Germany during the fame of the Expressionist film, England after the rise of Hitler, and America gearing up to fight WWII, his unique qualities as actor and man are made even more apparent.

The Conrad Veidt Society was founded in 1990, by Jim Rathlesberger, in preparation for the 1993 commemorations around the world of the100th anniversary of his birth (in 1893) and the 50th anniversary of his death (in 1943).

After assisting in preparing these commemorations which took place in 1993, the Conrad Veidt Society continued to celebrate his legacy. There are over 150 members in the Society, and we are growing every day.

From A Life

1) Conrad Veidt

To Connie With Love.
On April 3, 1998 the ashes of Conrad and Lilli Veidt were laid to rest at Golders Green Crematoria. Let's make sure they remain there in perpetuity.
Nocturne, The Journal of the Conrad Veidt Society.
New articles:
Upton Sinclair's 'They Call Me Mr. Carpenter'.
The Emgee Film Library.
Mirror Images: .
A serialized biography of Conrad Veidt.
The Incompleat Complete Films of Conrad Veidt.
Plot synopses and discussions of Veidt films.
Pieces of Masterpieces

Excerpts from all non-fiction and fiction books that mention Conrad Veidt.
Chronology of a life, 1893-1943

An organic time line of the events in the world from 1893-1943, with special emphasis on events in the life of Conrad Veidt.
The Conrad Veidt Home Page
Until recently, Gilda Tabarez' site was the Official Conrad Veidt Society site. It is still the premier site for Conrad Veidt.
Read a new addition - 'The Confession of Conrad Veidt' from a 1934 film magazine.
Veidt German
You've heard of High German. You've heard of Low German. We offer you Veidt German. THIS SITE UNDER CONSTRUCTION, AVAILABLE MAY 1, 1998.
What's New on Veidt's Site
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You do not need to be a member of the Society to subscribe to this list. We discuss Veidt, his contemporaries, and German expressionist films.
Umheimliche Geschichten
'Eerie Tales: Berline, Not Long Ago.....'' I believe for one reason or another Berlin has become the most fascinating city in Europe. Certainly...the most dangerous.'' An otherworlds fantasy.

2) Fight For Veidt

Stop the Hate - get informed, get involved A site dedicated to improving race relations in the United States

The Simon Wiesenthal Center. Stop the spread of Neo-Nazism!

3) An appreciation of silents and sound

The European Silent Cinema Project A database of actors, producers and directors of European Silent Cinema.

Film is an Iceberg A film is made not by one person but by the concerted teamwork of an array of experts in their fields. This page presents links to homepages of actors, directors, producers, etc. who worked with Conrad Veidt.

Activities on the Home Front
During World War I and World War II, much activity took place on each country's 'home front' to ensure support for the war. Entertainers also travelled to the front lines and risked their lives to provide a moment's respite from war to the front-line soldiers. This page will discuss those activities.

To join the Conrad Veidt Society, send a check or money order for $10.00 to Conrad Veidt Society, Barbara Peterson, 2355 Fairview Avenue, Suite 154, Roseville, MN 55113.

You will receive a personalized membership card, and a one-year subscription to Nocturne, the Journal of The Conrad Veidt Society. A ten-page journal issued on a quarterly basis, it is jam-packed with information on Conrad Veidt and his life, times, and contemporaries.

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