By Barbara Peterson

The Sounds of Murder

I've always disliked 'abridged' books, and 'abridged' audio tapes. Who has the right to cut and chop what a writer has spent years writing? You can probably find the audio books listed below at your library - because unabridged audio books are expensive, most people don't want to buy them. But sometimes you are on the library waiting list for weeks at a time! Unabridged books also take at least 3 hours to listen to - but play them in your car, while you're doing housework, cleaning your garage, etc. If you order the audio books below, you'll note that they're all special order - because mostly libraries order them, and, also, they come from England. But they belong in your own library.

The audio books I'm recommending are all narrated by Robin Bailey. Americans have probably had only one chance to see British actor Bailey, on PBS's Mystery! series introduced by Vincent Price. Robin Bailey and Michael Aldredge starred as the famous pair Charters and Caldicott in a six parter that was an absolute joy to watch. Their chemistry together was incredible and the show itself suited their talents.

All actors have 'trained' voices, but Robin Bailey is one of those special ones who uses his voice as in instrument. As a narrator, he reads with energy, and provides appropriate voices for all characters, male and female. His pace is good. His voice is a joy to listen to. Even if you don't like the book he's reading - you'll like the way he reads it!

The Murder of Roger Ackroyd by Agatha Christie. G.K. Audio Books. $54.95.
This book, written by Agatha Christie, is one of my favorites, and it is masterfully narrated by Robin Bailey.

Order The Murder of Roger Ackroyd : HERE.

The Religious Body Catherine Aird. G.K. Audio $39.95

Catherine Aird's detective is Detective Inspector Sloan. A murder has occurred in a nunnry, Sloan must solve the crime with tact and finesse. An excellent book, complimented by the flawless reading of Robin Bailey.

Order The Religious Body : HERE.

Henrietta Who? Catherine Aird. $39.95. G.K. Audio Books

A woman is dead. But she's not who everybody always thought she was. Again, good writing, interesting mystery, excellent narration.

Order Henrietta Who? : HERE.

I confess that I am not a fan of Ruth Rendell's, and so cannot review the books listed below. But I'm willing to bet that if you are Rendell fan, your enjoyment of the books will be enhanced by listening to these versions!

Parting Breath Ruth Rendell. $54.95

Order Parting Breath : HERE.

The Veiled One Ruth Rendell. $69.95

Order The Veiled One : HERE.

Wolf to the Slaughter Ruth Rendell. $69.95

Order Wolf to the Slaughter : HERE.

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