Prior to Sept 7, 1998, detailed records of additions to this site were not recorded.

Sept 7, 1998

Separated out Fiction and Non-fiction 'Pieces of Masterpieces' into two separate pages. Added a paragraph from The Dancing Years, The Autobiography of Mary Ellis, to the Non-fiction page.
Go to Masterpieces.html to view.

Sept 12, 1998

-Added a photo of Veidt as Jaffar summoning the wind to the Thief of Bagdad page.
-The Nazi Agent page. page isn't even under construction yet, but you can still go there to view the top and bottom halves of a huge full color poster.

December 29, 1998

-Added three cards to the collection displayed on the Veidt Movie Collectors Cards page.
-Made various design changes to various pages.
-Added a new Links Page link to the Scenes From A Life page.

January 5, 1999

-Various cosmetic changes have been made. A 'front page' consisting of a photo of Veidt as Jaffar summoning the ''Wind! Wind! Wind!'' has been added, which leads to a 'Selection', which then leads to the standard CVS pages. -The European Silent Cinema Project has been given a bit more prominence on the 'Selection' page.

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