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    To Connie, With Love.
    The ''To Connie, With Love'' fund has been set up to ensure that
    Veidt's ashes remain in Golders Green in perpetuity.
    Find out how you can help!

    On April 3, 1998 the ashes of Conrad and Lilli Veidt were
    laid to rest at Golders Green Crematorium:
    1. Our Vivienne Phillips Describes the Ceremony

    Mirror Images
    A serialized biography of Conrad Veidt.
    Pieces of Masterpieces

    Veidt Writes

    Magazine Archives

    -Excerpts from all non-fiction and fiction books that
    mention Conrad Veidt.

    • A collection of excerpts - Conrad Veidt in his own words.

    • A compilation of all magazine articles about Veidt.

    Scenes From A Life

    Fight With Veidt

    Of Sights and Sound

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