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Kathi, above I've left in a photo of an actor, just to show you what the 'logo' should look like. If you've got a photo of a group of people or a group of children to put there, that would be great.


The Romanian Orphaned Children's Project was founded in ................. by ................. and ................ We financially and emotionally support the children's orphanage in Beclean, Romania. (What's it's name,does it have one?) This orphanage supports 78 special needs children.

We also provide support to the baby's orphanage in Shighisoara.

Our programs are not designed to facilitate the adoption of Romanian orphans, but perhaps even more urgent, to assist the Romanians in learning how to take care of their children - the future of their country and the world.


Kathi, can you provide brief bios of everybody involved in your project? Also, are donations tax exempt?)


Christmas 1998 Project
We are organizing a Christmas project to not only decorate the Beclean Orphanage for Christmas - all the way from a Christmas tree with lights to Christmas stockings and Santa, but to also provide a traditional Christmans dinner for 250 to 300 people - the staff of the orphanage and their families, and the orphans themselves.

Our goal is to collect enough stockings to give one to each person who comes - filled with candy and small gifts such as small, non-battery operated, sturdy toys, women's and men's toiletries, watches and other small items.

Packages and or monetary donations can be sent to: Kathi Martin, c/o Stephanie Headrick, CMR 420 Box 885 APO AE 09063. Kathi, are these donations tax deductible?

The Baby Orphanage in Shighisoara
Kathi, can you provide history of how long each of these orphanages have been in existence. Can you provide photos of each orphanage?

We will be visiting this orphanage in December also, to deliver cloth diapers, antibiotic diaper rash cremes, powder and formula. These items are a constant need throughout the year, as well.

Come to Romania this Summer
We are planning a Summer 1999 trip to Romania to assist the orphanages. We need volunteers to come and help with our training programs for a two week period.

We will interview and select only a few qualified persons to assist us in this enriching volunteer opportunity. All costs incurred are the responsibility of our volunteers - but your rewards will be incalculable.

Thank you for supporting the Romanian Orphaned Children's Project!

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