Milestones in the repertory productions at Reinhardt's Kleines Theater, Neues Theater, and Kammerspiele, 1902-1910

Kleines Theater Neues Theater
1902 -
Aug 19. Opening performance. Three one act plays by Fel. Schneider, Gustav Wied, Max Dreyer, already played 1901-2 in ''Schall und Rausch.'' -
Sept. 25. Serenissimus, by Leo Feld. -
Oct 13. Rausch (Intoxication), by Strindberg. -
Oct 29. Ackermann, by Felix Holänder and Lothat Schmidt.. -
Nov 15. Salome, by Oscar Wilde. The Importance of Being Ernest, by Oscar Wilde. Both plays in the afternoon before an invited audience.
Dec 17. Erdgeist, by Frank Wedekind. -
1903 1903
Jan 16. Erdgeist, 25th performance. -
Jan 23. The Lower Depths, by Maxim Gorki. -
Feb 22. Matinee, private performance for the Lessing Society: Salome, by Oscar Wilde. -
Feb 25. Die Lokalbahn, by Ludwig Thoma
Mar 19. Die Kreuzelschreiber, by Ludwig Anzengruber
April 3. Pelleas und Melisande, by Maurice Maeterlinck
April 12. Afternoon, Serenissimus-Zwischenspiele (aus ''Schall und Rausch''), 300th performance, by Oscar Wilde.
May 1. Pelleas und Melisande, 25th performance
May 15 to the end of the month. Hans Nieses' Company from the Josefstadt Theatre, Vienna.
June 23, The Lower Depths, 150th performance.
July 15. End of season.
Aug 1. Beginning of new season.
Aug. 16. Beginning of new season: Pelleas und Melisande
Aug 25. Doppelselbstmord, by Ludwig Anzengruber
Sept. 4 A Woman of No Importance, by Oscar Wilde
Sept. 18. Pelleas und Melisande 50th performance.
Sept. 29. Salome by Oscar Wilde.
Sept 30. Der Kammersauml;nger, by Frank Wedekind.
Oct 14, The Lower Depths, 250th performance.
July 15. End of season.
Aug 1. Beginning of new season.

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