The Conrad Veidt Society presents Veidt German as part of its website for everyone to enjoy. It is intended not as a serious attempt to teach German but as a light-hearted look at the German language through the influence of Conrad Veidt.

Veidt German is also part of the To Connie With Love fundraising activities.

Beginning on June 1, 1998, people who are 'enrolled' in Veidt German will receive a quiz every other week, covering material both in the Veidt German lessons and in the Conrad Veidt Society Official website as a whole. Prizes will be awarded to the first quiz returned with all questions correctly answered. There is no limit to how many times an individual may enter and/or win the quizzes.

The prizes are many and varied and will be announced for the appropriate quiz. Possible prizes include autographed copies of Conrad Veidt, From Caligari to Casablanca, by Jerry Allen, pen and ink sketches of Veidt by the new illustrator for the Nocturne, videotapes such as Rasputin, and German language casette tapes. .

How to Enroll
Members of the Conrad Veidt Society need only send in a donation of $25 or more. (This donation goes into the 'To Connie, With Love' Fund). They will receive in return an identification number to use when they emai in the answers to their quizzes.

If you are not a member of the Conrad Veidt Society, the cost is $30. Please make checks payable to the Conrad Veidt Society. Again, all proceeds go to the 'To Connie, With Love' fund

In order to receive the quizzes, you must enroll on this mailing list. CV Quiz. The only messages you will receive from this mailing list are the Quizzes, and you must return them directly to [email protected].


Veidt German is also part of the To Connie With Love fundraising activities. Check out how to win prizes here.

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