(1924) (Prana Filmi)

Max Schreck



Hutter (Gustav von Wangenheim) takes leave of his wife Ellen (Greta Schroeder-Matray) to conduct an errand given him by his employer Knock (Alexander Granach). Knock, the Renfield character, directs Hutter to travel to the castle of Graf Orlok; the mysterious nobleman wishes to buy a deserted house adjacent to Hutter's. Hutter travels by coach to Orlok's castle, stopping for one night at a gypsy inn where he reads a book of vampire superstitions. The next day he is driven to a bridge, but the gypsy drivers refuse to cross it. Hutters walks across the bridge and is met by a coach that brings him to Orlak's castle.

At the castle, Hutter is greeted by Graf Orlok, a strange spectre of a man who becomes unaccountably excited at the sight of Hutter's blood when he accidentally cuts himself. He also admires a portrait of Ellen that the young husband carries with him. Late that night, Hutter opens the door of his room and is horrified to see Orlok approaching, his features exaggerated and hideous, a vampire as described in the gypsy book. Hutter hides in bed but the vampire enters the room and attacks him. Ellen, at home, cries out her husband's name as she sleeps. The vampire, disturbed by this psychic warning, leaves Hutter's room.

The next day, shaken by the vampire's visit, Hutter investigates the castle and discovers a rotting coffin in which Orlok lies. He flees the crypt, then watches helplessly as later that night, Orlok loads a wagon with coffins and departs for Hutter's town.

A sequence of crosscuts - Hutter's escape, hospitization and recovery, Knock's madness and confinement to an asylum; and Professor Bulwer's experiments with carniverous plants and other devouring organisms. Aboard the sailing ship carrying his coffins, Orlok stalks and kills the crew one by one.

The derelict ship arrives in Wisborg harbor (Hutter's home town), Nosferatu's arrival coinciding with the onset of plague. Ellen reads the book about vampires that her husband has brought back with him, she learns that the vampire can be defeated only if a virtous woman willingly lets him remain with her til dawn. She throws open her window and Nosferatu, who has been watching her from his house across the street, arrives. He fixes himself at her throat, and does not notice the onset of daybreak until it is too late. The sunlight destroys him. Ellen dies as well, sacrificing herself to end the plague.

* Max Schreck as Noseratu, dissolving into thin air by a window, clutching at his chest. (H-1. S)< * The grisaille of the arid hills around the vampire's castle.
Brick facades and stubby gables of Nosferatus' castle.(H-1. S)< Nosferatu emerging from the shadows. (H-1 as well as H-5 below).
Nosferatu looking out of a window
PHOTOS: (H-5. S)
* Nosferatu springs from his hiding place in the hold of the doomed ship, with unidentified actor to his left.
* Nosferatu emerging from the ship's hold onto the deck. * Drawing of Max Schreck as Nosferatu.
* Poster of the movie Nosferatu.
* Production sketch of Nosferatu by Alvin Grau. Nosferatu entering Lucy's bedroom.
* Two production sketches of the vampire by Alvin Grau.
* Production sketch of a sailor during the trip to London, by Alvin Grau.
* Publicity shot of Nosferatu materializing above his tomb.
* Closeup of Max Schreck's prosthetic makeup.

NOTES: The Web of Murnau has several stills of Nosferatu.

Citations in green refer to books where additional photos/stills of the person can be found. The id #'s correspond to the Bibliography page.

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