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  • The Times of Conrad Veidt are represented by our journal, The Nocturne. The Nocturne consists of eight 'departments,' each named after a Conrad Veidt film. Their titles and subjects are shown below. Selected excerpts from the journal are on-line.

    Die Augen der Welt
    (The Eyes of the World).
    Interviews of film societies, video businesses, and libraries that feature Conrad Veidt material.
    1. LSVideo is a different kind of Video Company.
    2. Through the Looking Glass, an interview with the Emgee Film Library.

    Menschen im Rausch
    (People in Ecstasy).

    Schedule of Conrad Veidt films presented on the big screen.
    1. Der Indische Grabmal, Silent Film Society of Atlanta, May 5 & 6, 1998.
    -Tiger, Tiger, Burning Bright, a review of Das Indische Grabmal

    Umheimliche Geschicten
    (Eerie Tales).
    Feature articles.
    1. 'They Call Me Mr. Carpenter' - Cabinet of Dr. Caligari's Influence on Upton Sinclair, by Paula Vitaris.
    2. Cesare in Your Garage, an interview with Tom Kuntz.
    3. A New Master for Cesare, an interview with David Shepard.
    4. An Interview with a Nosferatu, by Paula Vitaris.
    5. Conrad Veidt Movie Collector Cards.
    Das Wachsfigurenkabinett
    Reviews of books on film history, German history, military history, etc. NO REVIEWS ON LINE AT THIS TIME.

    (Temperamental Artists)
    Articles on Veidt's contemporaries such as Werner Krauss, Paul Leni and F.W. Murnau. NO ARTICLES AVAILABLE ON LINE AT THIS TIME.

    Die Reise um die Erde in 80 Tage (Around the World in 80 Days).
    Sources on the internet for film and German history and language studies. NO ARTICLES AVAILABLE ON LINE AT THIS TIME.


    Articles on German history and film. NO ARTICLES ON LINE AT THIS TIME.

    Anders als die Andern
    (Different from the Others)
    Articles on the Society's sponsorships of various charities and action groups. NO ARTICLES ON LINE AT THIS TIME.

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