(1926) (UFA)

Brigitte Helm
Gustav Fr´┐Żlich
Rudolf Klein-Rogge
Alfred Abel



PLOT:The plot can be found at The Metropolis Home Page

* Brigitte Helm with the beaded hair and seductive look of the false Maria. (B-5. S)
* Lobby card. The city of Metropolis with planes flying through. (B-5. S)
* The city of Metropolis, closer in, one plane flying, cars on the roads. (B-5. S)
* The vast machine where the workers toil. (B-5. S)
* Brigitte Helm as Maria, with the children in the upper regions of Metropolis. (B-5. S)
* Rudolph Klein-Rogge as Rotwang, pulling levers in his laboratory. (B-5. S)
* Alfred Abel, Rudolph Klein-Rogge and the robot. Kleine-Rogge is gesturing, ''It was worth the loss of a hand!'' (B-5. S)
* Kleine Rogge and Maria in the transformation chamber in the foreground, the robot in the background. (B-5. S)
* Close up of Brigitte Helm's face in the transformation chamber. (B-5. S)
* The robot surrounded by circles of light. (B-5. S)
* Alfred Abel and Brigitte Helm as the false Maria in Frederson's office. (B-5. S)
* Production shot. Helm in the robot costume, being given something to drink. (B-5. P)
* Production shot. Klein-Rogge's back to camera, facing the seated robot. (B-5. P)
* Heinrich George holding the hysterically laughing false Maria. (B-5. S)
* Brigitte Helm dressed as the exotic dancer, the false Maria. (B-5. S)
* Producton shot. Brigitte Helm rehearsing her seductive dance in the Yoshiwara. (B-5. P)
* Brigitte Helm as the exotic dancer, with crazed men below her reaching up for her at the Yoshiwara. (B-5. S)
* Brigitte Helm dancing on a tomb held up by backs in loin cloths. (B-5. S)
* Production shot. Brigitte Helm with back to camera, inciting the customers of the night club. (B-5. P)
* The workers clambering onto the fences in the lower depths, incited by the false Maria. (B-5. S)
* Brigitte Helm as the false Maria, tied to the stake and laughing as the flames near. (B-5. S)
* Distant shot of the worker's buildings flooding, the children gathering together, Maria ringing the warning bell. (B-5. S)
* Brigitte Helm and Gustav Frohlich embracing, while the children raise their arms to them, after the flood. (B-5. S)
* The workers with heads bowed changing shifts. (B-5. S)
* Production shot. Building the sets for Metropolis. (B-5. S)


Citations in green refer to books where additional photos/stills of the person can be found. The id #'s correspond to the Bibliography page.

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