By Barbara Peterson

The CONRAD VEIDT SOCIETY LIBRARY is a fundraising enterprise, for the To Connie, With Love fund.

Movies that are easily accessible from video vendors (such as All Through The Night, Whistling in the Dark which you can get from, etc.) are not offered for loan. What is available are rare silent and sound movies that are not available for sale.

In order to borrow material from the Library, you must be registered. The registration fee is $5.00, made payable to the Conrad Veidt Society. You must also have on file a deposit check of $60 (also made payable to the Conrad Veidt Society).

People who register with the Library will receive a free audio cassette featuring:
-The BBC coverage of the April 3, 1998 Golders Green Ceremony;
- Conrad Veidt singing ''Where the Lighthouse Shines Across the Bay;''
- Veidt portraying Kurt von Schnussnig in the Treasury Star Parade radio program ''Return to Berchtesgaden'' aired on February 21, 1943 - ''one of several 'spirits' of people destroyed by Adolph Hitler, who come to haunt him at his headquarters of Berchtesgaden.'' .

The Conrad Veidt Society Library
2355 Fairview Avenue, Suite 154
Roseville, Minnesota 55113

Currently, you may borrow only one tape or book at a time. (Most tapes have two movies on them. A two-tape set (for example Der Indische Grabmal counts as one tape.

Borrowing Procedure:

Email [email protected] to place material on reserve, or to find out their availability.

Send a check or money order for $4.00 to Conrad Veidt Society Library, 2355 Fairview Avenue, Suite 154, Roseville, Minnesota, 55113. This $4.00 covers handling, as well as the postage necessary to send the tape to you. (For books, the postage is $6.00) The tape/book will be sent to you via insured mail - after your check has cleared.

Acknowledge receipt of the tape via email. You may keep the movie/book for five days, and then return via regular mail or UPS. It is suggested, but not necessary, that you use insured mail to return the tape. UPS insurance comes automatically. Tapes should be insured for $60. If any tape is lost your deposit is forfeit, as are your borrowing privileges.

Collection available for loan as of June 15, 1998.
Other material will be added shortly.



Elisabeth et Carlos/ Der Schwarze Husar Elisabeth et Carlos has French intertitles, and NO music. First five minutes of tape are distorted, but watchable.
Der Schwarze Husar is a sound movie, in German with NO subtitles.

Das Indische Grabmal A two tape set. German intertitles. NO music.
Der Gang in die Nacht/Furcht Der Gang in die Nacht has German intertitles and NO music. Furcht has English intertitles and NO music.



Pandaemonium, by Leslie Epstein, 1997 Peter Lorre narrates events taking place during1937.

The Life and Death of a Screenwriter, by Kevin Macdonald, 1994 The life of Emeric Pressburger.
The Theater of Max Reinhardt, by Huntley Carter, 1914 An appreciation of the work of Reinhardt, with discussion of a few of his productions.
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