By Barbara Peterson

Je ne sais quois - the mysteries of Sebastien Japrisot

The Lady in the Car with Glasses and a Gun
Long ago, I was browsing in a bookshop looking for something to read, and my eye was caught by the title The Lady in the Car With Glasses and A Gun. It was so...euphonious, so intriguing. I bought the book without even bothering to read the description on the back, brought it home, and devoured it in one sitting. It was great. 'Dany Longo isn't bad, it's just that she's never seen the sea. ' So one day she 'borrows' her bosses' car and starts driving across France towards the coast. But on the way...strange things start to happen. People act as if they've already seen her, and her car, and her glasses, and her gun.....

Order The Lady in The Car With Glasses and a Gun : HERE.

Trap For CinderellaA young woman regains consciousness in a French hospital. She's been horribly burned in a fire, her face is unrecognizable, and she doesn't remember who she is. It's a murder plot: but was she the intended victim - or the murder caught in her own trap?

Loved this book! Felt for the title character - and the denoument is shattering.

Order Trap For Cinderella : HERE.

A Very Long EngagementTakes place just after WWI. It's a spectacular novel, a character study more than a mystery story (as our most of Japrisot's works) and is glowingly described and reviewed on the page better than I could do it. Check it out below.

Order A Very Long Engagement : HERE.

The Sleeping Car MurdersI don't like this one as well as the three listed above. A murder occurs on a train, passengers who shared the compartment with the victim also die, the Surete have no personality. No character development in this one, really, and not a very interesting mystery.

Order The Sleeping Car Murders : HERE.

One Deadly SummerIs one deadly boring book. Another character study - but all of the characters in this one are unlikeable. A woman seduces a man to become her husband, in order to use him to get revenge on people who've wronged her. I got halfway through it and then gave it up.But if you collect Sebastien Japrisot you've got to have the complete set. (This was also made into a movie, as was Lady in the Car with Glasses in a Gun, but in my opinion this one didn't deserve to be!)

Order One Deadly Summer : HERE.

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