By Barbara Peterson

The Mysteries of Georgette Heyer

Georgette Heyer is most famous for her regency romances; I prefer her detective stories. She didn't write very many of them, but they are all excellently written, with likeable characters and fast moving plots. The denouments are sometimes predictable, but that doesn't take away from the fun. They all take place (except Detection Unlimited) in the 1930's.

Her detectives are Chief Inspector Hannasyde and Detective Sargeant Hemingway. They are a likeable pair - no memorable 'quirks', just men who go about their job with a sense of humor. (Check out one of many websites at: Georgette Heyer.

All of these offered by are hardcover.

Order Footsteps in the Dark:
HERE. This book is the first Heyer mystery, and does not feature her normal detectives Hannasyde or Hemingway. It's more of an 'Edgar Wallace' type of thriller. Two young couples have a house out in the country, there's another, haunted house nearby; smuggling is going on.

Order Why Shoot A Butler?
HERE. Another book that doesn't feature Heyer's typical detectives. This time the detective is a London lawyer, rather unpleasant and supercilious, who comes across a woman standing next to a car which contains the murdered body of a butler. She's carrying a gun, too, but for some reason he doesn't turn her in....

Order They Found Him Dead
HERE. Silas Kane holds the purse strings for his family and for his business, and when he dies, murdered, there's no end of suspects. But there's going to be another murder if Hannasyde and Hemingway can't do something about it.

Order Duplicate Death
HERE. As you can probably tell by the title, this book involves murder during a night of playing bridge at a vast house party. Also young women blackmailed into working for older, society-ladies, drug runners, ballet dancers and White Russian refugees.

Okay, I know I've read the ones below, but I'm halfway around the world from my library and I can't place the plots with the titles, so you're out of luck for a couple of months. So just check 'em out anyway!

Order Behold, Here's Poison

Order A Blunt Instrument

Order Envious Casca

Order No Wind of Blame

Order Merely Murder

Order The Unfinished Clue

Order Penhallow HERE. Penhallow is my least favorite Heyer book. Usually she writes in a light-hearted style that is lacking here. An old tyrant, the patriarch of his family, enjoys making his sons and daughters-in-laws feel small. But after he's been killed, everyone realizes how much they loved and/or depended upon him, and the whole family unravels. Heyer strips their emotions raw.

Order Detection Unlimited: HERE. The last Heyer mystery. An unpleasant man in the village is murdered while everyone else in the village is at a tennis-party - did any of them have the opportunity to do it?

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