Helm, Brigitte
Eva Gisella Schnittenhelm was born in Berlin on March 17, 1906 and died on June 11, 1996.

Her first motion picture was Metropolis, for Fritz Lang. She did not particularly want a screen career, but her mother pushed her in to it.

She made 37 films, retiring in 1935 because she didn't want to make films under the Nazi regime. She received offers for filmwork in America throughout her career, but always refused.

She and her second husband (Dr. Hugo von Kuenheim) moved to Switzerland, returning after the war. She had four sons. Her first husband was Rudolf Weissbach.


Early German Film
Silent Ladies has four photos of her.
Metropolis Page has hundreds of photos of her.
Brigitte Helm, From Metropolis to Gold is recommended for its extensive photographs only, unfortunately. here


(F-10. S& P), (H-1. S)

The Haunted Screen, by Lotte Eisner, pg. 296: ''In the English review Close Up, which so ardently championed Pabst's films in the thirties, a critic claimed that 'Pabst finds the other side of each woman.' This is obviously true in the case of Brigitte Helm, for example, frigid as the two Marias in Lang's Metropolis and so moving in Pabst's Love of Jeane Ney. But how was it that for Abwege or Herrin von Atlantis Pabst failed to warm the impenetrable beauty of this actress, who is as insensitive in these two films as in the title role of both versions of Alraune?''

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