Theater:Old Log Theater Date:1996+
Director: Actors:David Anthony Brinkley, Brent Adams
Writer:Audience member Actors:

Theater The Old Log is a dinner theater which features light comedy plays. Dinner area is in one section of the building, then audience moves into the theater itself, a box set with seating for several hundred.

Plot A successful television star from California has come to New York in order to play in an outdoor staging of Hamlet, to prove that his is an actor. He rents the one-time attic apartment of John Barrymore, who's ghost still haunts the place and materializes to help the tv actor through his cold feet.

Acting: Brent Adams was a disappointment as the tv actor. He's a good actor, and I'd seen him infuse his other roles (at the U of M and in his intern debut at the Guthrie) with plenty of energy, so I've got to assume that he was playing it as the director told him to, and it just didn't work. David Anthony Brinkley on the other hand was a stand out as Barrymore.

The problem could have been that the play was suffused with 'in-jokes' about the theater, most of which went over the heads of the audience. When half of your funny lines (which were funny, by the way) aren't getting laughs, it's hard to play with enthusiasm.

NOTE: All photos on these pages borrowed from the Guthrie website.

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