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The works of Helene Hanff

Why does Helene Hanff deserve to be reviewed in a section called 'Dated Death?'

''Or didn't I ever tell you I write arty murders for Ellery Queen on television? All my scripts have artistic backgrounds-ballet, concert hall, opera-and all the suspects and corpses are cultured. Maybe I'll do one about the rare book business in your honor, you want to be the murderer or the corpse?''

84 Charing Cross Road
was a hit movie a few years ago, starring Anne Bancroft as Helene Hanff and Anthony Hopkins as Frank Doel, the head honcho in a London rare and used-book store with whom she corresponds over a period of twenty years, from 1949 to his death in 1969. The movie was great, very poignant - very quiet and sedate in comparison to most movies you see nowadays. The 'love story' of the movie is pure fiction, but it makes for great fiction. The book on which this movie was based is disappointing - because it's so slender! The reader yearns for more! And there had to be several more letters that could be included, there are vast gaps in months and sometimes years between the letters.

Helene tells Frank about life in New York in the forties and fifties, and various book store correspondents give an insight into England during the same time. This in addition to comments on English writers such as Pepys and John Donne. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Those who love the pace of the English Tea Cosy type of detective school will love this.

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The Duchess of Bloomsbury Street
After twenty years, the success of Helene Hanff's book 84 Charing Cross Road enables her to take her much longed for trip to England. She goes in search of the England of English literature, and finds it. A must read for any fan of 84 Charing Cross Road.

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Underfoot In Show BusinessMaking television in New York City during the forties, especially the making of Ellery Queen, and attempting to make a breakthrough as a playwright on Broadway. Typical, delightful Helene Hanff.

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