European Cinema Production Companies


In 1910 there were 23 film production companies in Germany. By 1920 there were 230. Most of them failed, several of them were bought up by larger companies. Below is their history.

AAFA- Film-
Wilhelm Tell (1923), directed by Rudolf Dworsky.

Ama-Film GmbH-
Alraune (1927), directed by Henrik Galeen

Bayerische Film-
Die Okarina (1919), directed by Uwe J. Krafft

Berlin National-Film-

Berliner Film-
Die Serenyi (1918), directed by Alfred Halm.

Bild- und Filmamt (BUFA) - German army propaganda film arm

Cine-Allianz Tonfilm GmbH-

Continental Kunst-Film-

Decla - was founded by Erich Pommer. It merged with Bioscop (which had been under the director of Richard Oswald) in March 1920 to become Decla-Bioscop.
As Decla Film produced:
Der Richter von Zalamea (1920) directed by Ludwig Berger

As Decla-Bioscop produced:
Des Kabinett des Dr. Caligari (1919) directed by Robert Wiene

Das Gehemnis von Bombay (1920) directed by Arthur Holz

Deutsche Bioscop-
Der Weg des Todes (1917). Directed by Robert Reinert.
Wenn Tote Sprechen (1917). Directed by Robert Reinert.

Deutsche Lichtbild-Gesellschaft (DLG)- After WWI it became Deulig-Film.

Deutsches Fabrikat-
Der Film in Film (1924). Directed by Friedrich Porges.

Erda-Film GmbH-
Abwege (1928), directed by Georg Wilhelm Pabst

Erna Morena Film-

Frankfurter Film-
Der Spion (1917). Directed by Karl Heiland.

Gloria Film-
Prinz Kuckuck (1919), directed by Paul Leni.

Patience (1920), sirected by Paul Leni

Goron Film-
Der Gang in die Nacht (1920), directed by FW Murnau.

Greenbaum Film-
Der Hund des Baskerville (1915). Directed by Richard Oswald.

Hansa Film - Worked under the umbrella of Messter-Film.

Helios Film-
Totentanz (1918). Directed by Otto Rippert, screenplay by Fritz Lang.

Hilde Woerner Film-

Menschen im Rausch (1920), directed by Julius Geisendorfer

Kowo Film-
Die Mexacanerin (1919), directed by Ferdinand Bonn

Lipow Film-
Der Januskopf (1920), directed by F.W. Murnau


May-Film- Production company founded by Joe May. Eventually sold it to Ufa and stayed on as a consultant.
Der Leidensweg der Inge Krafft (1921) directed by Robert Dinesen Der Indische Grabmal (1921) directed by Gunnar Tollnes and Joe May Meinert-Films - absorbed by Decla in 1919.

Mercator Film-
Glanz Gegen Gluck (1923), directed by Adolf Trotz.

Messter-Film or Messters Projektion
- Taken over by Ufa in the 20's.
Der Schatten des Meeres (1912). 40 minutes
Furcht (1917). Directed by Robert Wiene. Die Claudi von Geiserhof (1917). Directed by Rudolf Biebrach.
Opfer der Gesellschaft(1918). Directed by Willy Grunwald.

Micco Film-
Der Graf von Cagliostro (1920), directed by Reinhold Sch�nzel.

Monumental Film-
Opium (1919), directed by Robert Reinert

Morena Film-
Columba (1918), directed by Konrad von Wieder.

Mosch Film-
Gepeitscht (1919), directed by Carl Boese.

Sehnsucht (1920) directed by FW Murnau.
Munchner Kunst-Film-

Munchener Lichtspiel Kunst (MLK, or Emelka)
Gewitter im Mai (1920) directed by Ludwig Beck

Neptun Film-
Das Wachsfigurenkabinett (1924), directed by FW Murnau.

Nero-Film AG-

Neutral Film-
Alraune (1918) Directed by Eugen Iles

Oliver Film - Nordisk's German studio.

Nachtgestalten (1919) directed by Richard Oswald.
Der Reigen (1920) Directed by Richard Oswald.

Oswald Produktions-
Das Tagebuch einer Verlorenen(1918). Directed by Richard Oswald.
Dida Ibens Geschichte (1918), directed by Richard Oswald.
Das Dreimadlerlhaus (1918), directed by Richard Oswald
Es Werde Licht (1918), directed by Richard Oswald.
Jettchen Geberts Geschichte (1918), directed by Richard Oswald
Henriette Jacoby (1918), directed by Richard Oswald
S�ndige Mutter (1918), directed by Richard Oswald
Die Prostitution (1919), directed by Richard Oswald
Die Reise um die Erde in 80 Tagen (1919), directed by Richard Oswald
Peer Gynt (1919), directed by Victor Barnowsky
Anders als die Andern (1919), directed by Richard Oswald
Die Sich Verkaufen (1919), directed by Richard Oswald
Umheimliche Geschichten (1919), directed by Richard Oswald
Die Augen der Welt (1920), directed by Carl Wilhelm
Manolescus Memoiren (1920), directed by Richard Oswald
Die Liebschaften des Hektor Dalmore (1921), directed by Richard Oswald
Lady Hamilton (1922), directed by Richard Oswald
Mutterschaftszwang (1922), directed by Richard Oswald
Lucrezia Borgia (1923), directed by Richard Oswald
Carlos und Elizabeth (1924), directed by Richard Oswald

Pantomim-Film<-p> Pax Film-
Der Ratsel Von Bangalor (1917). Directed by Alexander von Antalffy


Founded in January 1921 with capital of 20,000 marks, under the directorship of businessman Enrico Dieckmann and the designer/painter/architect Albin Grau. The name Prana comes from the Buddhist concept of breath-as-life. Prana-Film had ambitious plans - revealing a taste for the occult. Projects mentioned in its prospectus were Hollentraume (Dreams of Hell) and Der Sumpfteufel (The Devil of the Swamp). Their only production was to be Nosferatu. The film became embroiled in legal conflicts with Florence Stoker (Bram Stoker's widow), which lasted for many years, and copies were ordered destroyed.

According to author David J. Skal in Hollywood Gothic, Grau was an ''ardent spiritualist'' with no apparent experience in motion picture production, and Dieckmmann's credentials are sketchy.

After the release of Nosferatu, Prana-Film could not pay its bills, and by June 1921 it was bankrupt and went into receivership - held by the Deutsch-Amerikanisch Film Union.

Projecktions Union- Founded by Paul Davidson

Primax Film-
Nju (1924) directed by Paul Czinner



Abend, Nacht und Morgen (1920), directed by FW Murnau

Der Student von Prag (1926), directed by Henrik Galeen

Stern Film-
Die Japanerin (1918), directed by E. A. Dupont.

Terra Film-
Die Augen der Welt (1920), directed by Carl Wilhelm.
Christian Wahnschaffe (1920), directed by Urban Gad.
Landstrasse und Grosstadt (1921), directed by Carl Wilhelm.

T.K. Tonfilm-Produktion GmbH-

Terra-Film AG-

Universum-Film AG (UFA)- founded in 1917, grew to be Germany's largest film producer, with several smaller production companies bought up, who continued to produce films under their well-known names.
Liebe Macht Blind, (1925), directed by Lothar Mendes
Die Bruder Schellenberg, (1926) directed by Karl Gr�ne
Der Geiger von Florenz (1926), directed by Paul Czinner
Metropolis (1926), directed by Fritz Lang
Am Rande der Welt (1927), directed by Karl Grune
Der Liebe der Jeanne Ney (1927), directed by Georg Wilhelm Pabst
Der Yacht der Sieben Sunde (1928), directed by Jakob and Luise Fleck
Skandal in Baden-Baden (1928), directed by Erich Waschneck
Die wunderbare Luge der Nina Petrovna (1929), directed by Hanns Schwarz.
Manolescu, der Konig der Hochstapler (1929), directed by Viktor Tourjansky.
Die Letzte Kompagnie (1930), directed by Kurt Bernhardt
Der Kongress Tantz (1931), directed by Erik Charell
Der Schwarze Hussar (1932), directed by Gerhard Lamprecht
FP #1 Doesn't Answer (1932), British version directed by Karl Hartl and starred Conrad Veidt. French version starred Charles Boyer. German version starred Hans Albers.

Veidt Film - Founded by actor Conrad Veidt.
Wahnsinn (1919). Directed by Conrad Veidt.
Die Nacht auf Goldenhall (1920). Directed by Conrad Veidt.
Paganini (1923). Directed by Heinz Goldberg.

Vera Film -
Liebestaumel (1920) directed by Martin Hartwig
Kunstlerlaunen (1920) directed by Paul Otto

Viktoria Film -
Satanas (1919), directed by FW Murnau.

Vitascope - Taken over by Projecktions Union in 1914, and became Pagu in 1915.

Wsrner Film -
Moriturus (1920) directed by Carl Hagen

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