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A Woman's Face--


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Conrad Veidt Torsten Barring
Joan Crawford Anna Holm
Melvin Douglas Dr. Gustaf Segert
Clifford Brooke Wickman
Reginald Owen Bernard Dalvik
Albert Bassermann Consul Magnus Barring
Marjorie Main Emma Kristiansdotter
Donald Meek Herman Rundvik
Connie Gilchrist Christina Dalvik
Richard Nichols Lars-Erik
Osa Massen Vera Segert
Charles Quigley Eric
Henry Kolker Judge
George Zucco Defense Attorney
Henry Daniell Public Prosecutor


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Torvald - I could kill that doctor.


This film is a remake of the Ingrid Bergman, 1939, film made in Sweden.


From the beginning, you know whose murder Joan Crawford is on trial for (he is the only character that doesn't show up in the courtroom), so a bit of the suspense is lacking. However, this is a delightful film if you like to watch sheer evil (Conrad Veidt's Torsten Baring) at work.


Books which Mention this movie:
Gavin Lambert's book ''On Cukor'' isn't a standard bio; it's a series of interviews with Cukor about his films and his career in general. Neither he nor Lambert have a very high opinion of A Woman's Face. They like the first half very much, where Crawford has a ''character'' to work with and she gives an excellent performance free of self-pity, but after her face is fixed, it devolves into a standard suspense scenario with a ''silly happy ending'' (Cukor's words). The only mention of Conrad Veidt is when Lambert observes that ''everything [in the second half] is really blamed on the demonic influence of Conrad Veidt.''

I've Seen That Face Somewhere Before
Albert Basserman, who plays Consul Baring, also had a bit role in the movie Escape, also with Veidt. Like Conrad Veidt, Basserman, a German married to a Jewish woman, fled Germany when the Nazia came into power.

George Zucco, the defense attorney, famous as Professor Moriarty in The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, and Henry Daniell played Moriarty in Basil Rathbone's The Lady in Blue.

Marjorie Main, had a bit part in The Return of the Thin Man. In The Seven Faces of Dr. Lao starring Tony Randall, played the wife of the meek man who is turned into stone by the Gorgon.


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