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Silent Cinema is International

Welcome to the European Silent Cinema Project.

The purpose of this project is to place on the web a source for fans and students of European Silent Cinema. This includes films made England, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, etc.

This site is small but growing. In order to fully serve the needs of our readers, we need your help! If you have any knowledge of any of the production people listed in these pages, please email us with that info! Also, if you are in search of information about a specific person, email us and we will put it on our ''IN SEARCH OF...'' page.

These pages are always under construction. The intent is to have biographical detail and notes of interest on every production person involved in European Silent Cinema. Some 'well-known' names such as Conrad Veidt, Hans Albers, Fritz Lang, Brigitte Helm, Abel Gance etc. will have links to other webpages devoted to them. If you have any information to contribute, email us at Rotwangs Hand!

The Stills and Plot Index will list plots for all movies, list reference works where stills from the films might be found, and also list excerpts from books which discuss these movies.

If you wish to contribute or correct information, please email me at Rotwangs Hand.

For contributing information, please supply bibliographic reference (Title, author, publisher, copyright).

If you would like your name listed as a contributor, please let me know. To see who has contributed what to this site, look here.

If you would like to discuss these movies and production people with fellow enthusiasts, go to the ESCP Message Boards.

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