Das Kabinett des Dr Caligari
(1919) (Decla-Bioscop)

Conrad Veidt
Lil Dagover

DIRECTOR:Richard Wiene

PLOT:Complete synopsis here

* Conrad Veidt as somnambulist, sitting up in crate, Werner Krauss as Caligari to the right.
(C-5. S), (F-15. S), (O-25. S)
* Conrad Veidt as somnambulist, kidnapping Lil Dagover from her bed.(C-5. S)
* Conrad Veidt as somnambulist, carrying Lil Dagover through the 'street'.(C-5. S)
* Close up shot of Conrad Veidt as somnambulist, Cesare.(C-5. S)
* Illustrated poster for Caligari, featuring Cesare.
(C-5. S)
* Conrad Veidt as somnambulist, carrying Lil Dagover over the rooftops.(H-1. S)
* Dr. Caligari (Werner Krauss) revealing Cesare (Conrad Veidt) standing asleep in his cabinet. (F-15. S)
* Conrad Veidt as Cesare slinking by a wall, arms outstretched like a shadow that has lost its man. (F-15. S) * The insane asylum in the final portion of the framing sequence - with Lil Dagover and Conrad Veidt. (F-15. S)
* green>(H-1. S)
* Production sketch by Hermann Warm of street. (H-1. S)
* Two production sketches by Walter Reimann. (H-1. S)

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