Dorothy L. Sayers is the creator of Lord Peter Wimsey, and wrote 14 novels and several shorts stories about this character, before stopping completely in 1937. She had made all the money she needed because of the popularity of the Wimsey books, and spent the rest of her days writing what she really wanted to write - poetry and plays on a religious theme and a translation of Dante's Divine Comedy. She mentions the Veidt movies The Student of Prague and Dr. Caligari in the short story, "The Image in the Mirror," (collected into the book Hangman's Holiday, copyright 1933.) Its plot is that a man suspects that, during the Great War, a bomb explosion caused him to 'split' into two separate personalities, one of whom is a rotter.

Len Deighton's ''What if Hitler Had Won the War Against England?'' has comments on Veidt and I Was a Spy.

Pandaemonium by Leslie Epstein, 'narrated' by Peter Lorre, has two brief mentions of Veidt.

Nosferatu by Jim Shepard, a fictional account of the life of F.W. Murnau, has a chapter in which Veidt, Murnau and other friends get together and enjoy the fleshpots of Berlin.

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