Those Dancing Years: The Autobiography of Mary Ellis, page 77 mentions her costar Conrad Veidt when she talks about the making of Bella Donna (1934):

''The spell was broken when the Teddington Studios asked me to do my first film Bella Donna. I had to leave at six every morning to be on the set at Teddington, made up and ready, at nine. That script of Bella Donna was terrible, but Conrad Veidt was in it, and Cedric Hardwicke. To work with Veidt was a lovely experience in itself; he was an outsize personality, very funny and angry by turns and terribly attractive. A pale, red-haired American, Robert Milton, was the director. He was of the theatre, and I don't think making films was his milieu. But we battled though and I've seen the film several times over the years (it's still in the Archives, I believe) and it is not much worse than most films of the that time. At one point in the story I got led into the desert on a donkey (piles of sand on the studio floor -- no voyaging in those days to Arabian desert locations) by a young Arab wearing a fez and a striped gpown. The young Arab turned out to be one Rodney Millington, in a very dark-brown make-up, long before he became the head of Spotlight and known, I think, to every actor in the world.''

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