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Welcome ALL!!!!! Welcome to our new NIGHTHAIL website, with our Guild Rankings , Guild tabard ideas, chat and more!!!!


2.) Sages - Only those who really show their really into the guild will get this
status- has same capabilites as LORD
3.) Divines - Has most capabilites, exept for Demote
4.) Nobles - Intermediate rank, has ability to invite members, and can join us
in quests and what not - you must beat another member in the guild in a duel to
attain this status.
5.) Sprites - Lowly rank, however respected, of Nighthail, has the abillity to invite members, and listen in on guild chat.
6.) Scrubs- Lowest rankk, can only partake in Guild Chat

*** To increase your ranking, invite more members, offer the guild items(be
friendly) Group with other members... And for an instant increase to Noble - You
must defeat another higher member than you in a Duel, that is supervised by
either a Divine or myself(Linxer)....
On inviting new members- Group with them, make sure they are quality duelers and
then you may invite them. Try not to invite random people

- Linxer
If there is any need to contact me:
[email protected]
AIM- Icyblast22

Jan. 14 2005
Hello, And welcome to NightHail, the Alliance Guild...***Site Under Construction***

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