My Star Wars Story

This is a story I wrote in May 2000 for a school project.
If you don't feel like sitting here reading it right now, you can Download it here.


1Sith Threat9





























  The lightsabers clashed together as the two Jedi practiced. Sweat trickled down the front of Nichos's face and stung his eyes. He ducked to the left as the practice saber crashed down where he was just standing. He stretched out with the Force as he moved his lightsaber up to block the incoming attack..

  He reacted quickly and sliced down with his practice saber, and heard a scream as it hit through his opponent's arm. In practices, Jedi trainees use lightsabers set at low power so that when it hit, it only emitted a small burn, one that could easily be healed.

  Every student in the academy has his or her own strengths and weaknesses. Nichos could always tell where his opponent was going to attack, but he didn't connect to the living Force that well. He had been lead to the rooftop of the giant Massassi temple blindfolded, and there for did not know who he was fighting.

  Nichos blocked another attack as he jumped up and flipped over his opponent, and slashed down while doing so. He heard the burn of a tunic and another scream, then he knew whom he was fighting. "Nice one Nichos," his friend, Kenal Darklighter said.

  "Excellent work Nichos," Jedi Master Luke Skywalker said. "You are able to use the force to sense your opponents actions. Good work." Nichos removed his blindfold as Kenal did the same. "Good match Nich," Kenal said with a lopsided grin, not the least bit depressed that he lost. At the Jedi Academy, it was not about winning or losing, beating your other opponent or personal glory; it was to improve ones' connection to the Force.

  Nichos and Kenal are the strongest students out of all their friends. Nichos and Kenal were first brought to the academy four years ago, where they first met Nefo T'chir and Cynna Jade Sunrider. They all became friends quickly and they helped each other whenever the other one needed it. If it was practicing, meditating together, or just listened to what another person had to say, they were always there for each other.


  About 6 months ago, the four trainees had to build their own lightsabers. Nichos found three gems from the sea of serenity on his home planet, Larissa. He found the three gems on the edge of the sea, two green gems and one white one. His lightsaber's color is green with a hint of white at the base.

  Just then, Nefo walked up the steps to the rooftop of the Massassi temple. "Nich, there's a call for ya in the comm room." "Who?" Nichos asked. "I'm not sure. They just told the comm officer you'd know who it was." "Okay thanks Nefo," Nichos said and ran down to the comm room.

  Nichos ran through the door to the comm room and accessed the holonet. He gave his clearance to the comm officer and waited for the call to get through. The image wavered for a moment, then it formed into an all too familiar face. "Wazzup Nich!" Kino Pordyh, one of Nichos' old friends.

  "Hey Kino, what can I do for you?" Nichos asked. "Well, I've been assigned to a Strike Force that's going to stop a bunch of renegade ships that are destroying any ships that pass by the nearby planet. Wanna come along? This group is well defended and I could always use a few Jedi pilots."

  Nichos thought for a minute and then was about to reply, when suddenly Cynna walked up behind him without him knowing and said, " Sure Kino, we'd love to tag along. Right Nichos?" she said. "Sure," Nichos said, "Why not."








Chapter 2




  The NRSD Harring jumped into hyperspace from the Yavin sector where it went to pick up the four Jedi. Nichos was in his cabin, reviewing over the strength of their Strike Force. In the New Republic, Nichos held the rank of Lieutenant Commander, and therefore was second-in-command of this mission since he was the second highest-ranking officer. Commander Kino was in charge of this mission and all the command ships, while Nichos was in charge of all the fighters.

  Nichos studied the strength of the New Republic Strike Force being sent to stop the renegade force. They had 1 Star Destroyer, 2 Escort Carriers, 3 Corellian Corvettes, and almost 4 squadrons of fighters. 46 starfighters, plus Cynna's personal ship, the Calder mit Arkahn, and Nichos' personal ship, the Nachos pride.

  There were 54 ships in all, perfectly capable of stopping these renegades. Nichos shut off his datapad and walked down to the hanger. He found the Nachos pride in perfect order. He hopped into the cockpit and ran the systems check to make sure everything was working properly. Nichos climbed into the underside of his ship and decided to modify a few things.

  Three hours later Nichos emerged from the underside of his ship and ran the system check again. He cleaned off and walked up to the bridge. Commander Kino Pordyh was standing at the viewport. Nichos walked up beside him. "You know, my whole life I have wondered why humans and aliens can't just get along with each other and live a life of peace and freedom." Kino said, "You better get up to the briefing room." "Right," Nichos said. "You coming?" he asked. "Yea, wait up."


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

  All 47 pilots plus Kino took seats in the briefing room as Nichos walked up to the podium in front of the view screen to start the briefing. He activated the screen, "Welcome pilots," he said. "You know why you're here, so we can skip that part. The planet we are heading to is in the Randoth system."

  An image of a planet showed up and a strike force showed up in front of a planet in a blockade formation. The New Republic symbols representing the Strike force came up on the edge of the screen and slowly moved insystem. "We are going to stop these renegades once and for all. Commander Kino Pordyh will be in charge of all the command ships, and I will be leading the fighters in my ship.

  "Blazer squadron will be under my command, Captain Nefo T'chir will be leading Inferious flight, 1st Lieutenant Cynna Jade Sunrider will be leading Saber squadron, and Lieutenant Commander Kenal Darklighter will be leading Storm squadron. Any questions?" There were none. "Then good luck, and may the Force be with you."
























Chapter 3


  Nichos and his squad arrived within the planet's atmosphere. "All squadrons report in," he said. He waited for all the pilots to report in before he continued on. "Blazer squad form up, High X formation," Nichos said. He squad formed up on his wing and he noticed multiple enemy ships coming around from the other side of the planet's atmosphere.

  "Attention all NR ships. Enemy ships coming in on course four-sixty-three mark twenty-two. All squads form up on my wing, Line abreast formation." "Copy Blazer lead," Nefo's voice came over the comm. "Kino," Nichos said. "I'm picking up two Impy ISDs, two squads of squints, two squads of eyeballs, one squad of R-41s, two Strike Cruisers and eight Corvettes. Copy?"

  "We got them on radar Nichos," Kino said. "Engage the fighter's first, then come and help us knock out the capital ships if ya can." "No prob command. Saber squad, get those R-41's, Storm squad, break off and engage the eyeballs. Inferious, stay with me and Blazer while all of us will go and take out those squints. All pilots seven, nine, and eleven of each squad will break off and do your best to destroy those corvettes."

  The two lead squints came within Nichos' range. He quaded up his lasers and fired them in between the two fighters. Two shots hit each fighter and they went careening into each other. "Nice shot, lead," Blazer six said over the comm. "Thanks six," Nichos said. "Watch it, you got three squints on your 4," he warned. "Copy lead," six said.

  "Nichos, its Nefo. I got a bit of a problem over here, I got two eyeballs on my six. Think you can lend a hand?" Nefo asked. "Sure thing Nefo," Nichos said, "I'll be right there." Nichos came up right behind Nefo and the two eyeballs. He set his lasers to dual fire and blasted the eyeballs to space dust. "Thanks bud," Nefo's voice said. "I owe you a glass of Corellian Whisky."



* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *



  Kino stared out the viewport of the Harring, trying to decide what he could do to help the starfighters before they lost too many. All of a sudden, one of the officers shouted, "Commander, those Star Destroyers are launching two squadrons of uglies!" An uglie was a starfighter that was built from various starfighter remains. "One squadron of X-Ceptors, and one squadron of TIE-Wings!" "Thank you lieutenant," Kino said "Major, have the Harring and the rest of our ships engage those Destroyers." "Yes sir!" Major Jessa said. She walked towards one of the comm stations and relayed the message to other ships.

  Kino spoke into his comm and contacted Nichos. "Blazer lead, this is command. We've picked up two squads of uglies launching from those Destroyers. Watch your back." "Copy that command," Nichos said. "Thanks for the warning. Think you can stop those Destroyers from launching anything else at us?" he asked. "We're working our way over there to stop them Blazer lead." "Thanks command," Nichos said.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *



  The two Sith lords stood atop the cliff face, staring at the escalating battle in the stars up ahead. "Soon the Jedi shall be eradicated from this galaxy; and we shall rule over everything," the master said. "Yes, my master. I shall engage the Jedi once they land," the young Sith apprentice said. "Attack Jade and T'chir first, I want to see this Katran. I want to destroy him personally." "As you wish, master." They both turned back to watch the enraging battle overhead.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


  Nichos shot down another ugly when he felt a surge in the dark side of the force, beckoning him down to the planet below. "Nefo, Cynna, Kenal, go to comm 3." Nichos changed comm channels. "You feel that Nich?" Nefo asked, "Yea I felt it. I'm going down to investigate, you three wait here." Nichos said and turned his ship down towards the planet's surface. "No way Nich, there is no way I'm letting you go down there alone. I'm coming with you." Kenal said and pulled his ship up beside Nichos' starboard side. "No your not, I'm in charge here and I order you to stay here." Nichos argued, "Nich, stop being so stubborn." Cynna said, "you're going to need our help and you know it, so we're coming." She brought the Calder mit Arkahn up to Nichos' port side. "Yea what they said," Nefo added and brought his ship up underneath Nichos'.

  Nichos sighed and gave up trying to argue. "Alright," he said, "Fine, we'll all go down there." Together the four Jedi headed down towards the planet surface.






























Chapter 4


  Kino had just received word from Nichos that they were headed down to the planet below to investigate something. He didn't like the idea at first, but he respected the Jedi's judgement. His Strike Force was beating back the enemy, but they already suffered sufficient losses.

  They had already lost one Corvette, and half a squadron of fighters. The enemy Strike Force had lost four Corvettes, a squad or R-41's, half a squadron of squints, 8 eyeballs, and one of their Strike Cruisers. "Major, send a message to the Impervious; tell them to stay behind under the Harring's cover. "Yes sir!" Major Kelthar said.


  Kino turned back to stare at the battle in front of him.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


  The Sith Lords were now inside the old, mysterious Sith temple remains. The Sith master turned to stare at the young apprentice. "Instead of engaging the Jedi directly, I shall just destroy them while they are still in their pathetic starfighters. You shall go down and wait; make sure the Jedi are dead and then return my young apprentice." "Yes my master," the Sith said and left.

  The temple was the main training ground for the Sith thousands of years ago, but the Jedi back then never discovered it. At the top of the building, a circular set of chairs sat facing each other, but only two were currently being used. The mysterious lord called upon the power of the dark side of the Force and summoned deadly Force storms. It will not be long now, he thought.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


  Nichos had just broken through the planet's atmosphere when a felt a powerful surge in the Force. Suddenly a huge Force storm engulfed the four Jedi and their ships. "Ahh!!! Nefo, Cynna, Kenal! Can anyone hear me!" Nichos yelled into his comm over and over. Nichos had no choice but to try to land.

  He tried the controls, Dead. The Force storm must have killed the controls, he thought. Nichos had to do whatever he could to land the ship. He put all his focus into the Force to try to fix the controls. He began to lose his control as the ship spun around in circles. He began to lose his focus.

  "C'mon! C'MON!" He yelled out of frustration. He tried the controls again, and he still got no response. He taped back into the Force&ldots;it was there. It was always there, ready and waiting to be used. Instead of working on trying to fix the controls, he tried to get his ship on the ground safely.

  He blocked out the fact his friends might die; blocked out the fact that he might die. He just concentrated on the living Force. Time seemed to slow, everything started to go a lot slower than it actually was. He managed to use the Force to get his ship down to 100 meters from the ground.

  Suddenly a wave from the Force storm came and knocked Nichos' ship out of his control. He tried to connect back to the Force but he could not. The last thing Nichos saw was the ground rushing up at him. Then it went black&ldots;


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


  Cynna had little difficulty getting the Calder mit Arkahn to the ground with her excellent piloting skills. All she needed to do was fix the controls by rewiring by hand over one or two systems. She hoped that Nichos and Nefo had made it down safely because Cynna and Kenal were on the edge of the storm, but the other two Jedi were right in the thick of it. Of course they'll make it, she thought to herself, They're Jedi.

  Cynna knew that even though she had landed the ship, the Force storm had damaged it far beyond repair. She sighed, Oh well. I'm gonna have to start walking. She pulled out her survival pack and made sure her lightsaber was in its proper place. She began to walk, trusting her own instincts and trusting the Force.














Chapter 5



  Cynna knew where Nefo was because they had a strong connection in the Force. She ran as fast as she could because she knew he was injured. She seemed to run for hours and hours, heading in the direction the Force was telling guiding her, telling her where to go.

  She found Nefo's ship, but there was no movement outside or around the ship. The ship was completely destroyed, and the parts trailed long the ground behind it for at least a mile. It was completely wasted and irreparable. Cynna ran to the ship and found Nefo's body inside. She hurried to pull him out. She checked for his life Force, it was there, but very weak.

  He was bleeding in multiple places badly; she put bandages on the worst of the cuts. Cynna felt a dark cloud in the Force behind her. It could only be one thing, she concluded. A dark Jedi, A Sith. Cynna turned around and saw a large cloud of sand rising in the desert. In the middle, she felt the presence of a dark warrior on a speeder bike.

  Cynna ignited her lightsaber. The purple blade shot to like. The Sith jumped off the bike and ignited a maroon colored lightsaber. Cynna jumped at the cloaked warrior and blocked as the lightsaber swung at her chest. Cynna had to be careful to keep herself between the Sith and Nefo, but it wasn't easy. Cynna slashed and ducked. Even using the extent of her Force abilities, it was tough to drive the Sith back. But Cynna was moving without thought, letting the Force guide her control and her actions.

  The battle between the two was incredibly fast, and if she blinked at a wrong time, it could be fatal. Cynna was beginning to tire, but the Sith lord seemed as fresh as ever, using his hate to attack the Jedi.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


  Nichos and Kenal were running at top speed to Nefo's ship. Kenal grabbed the locator from his ship and they saw a ship with a lot of metal dragging behind it on the locator in front of them. They just hoped that nothing happened to Nefo.

  About an hour ago, Kenal found Nichos' ship and helped him out, because Nichos was trapped under the pilot's chair. After that, they tracked Nefo's ship to a spot ahead of them and they were currently running as fast they could.

  The two Jedi felt a strong serge in the Force and they could feel light and dark battling. "Cynna!" Kenal yelled. "We haven't much time," Nichos said and they kept running. They came into view of Nefo's ship and also of the two lightsabers attacking each other. One they recognized as Cynna's, but the other one they didn't know who it belonged to.

  "We have to help her!" Nichos exclaimed. The two Jedi ran faster and faster, but it didn't seem fast enough. They didn't dare use the Force to help Cynna, because in a battle as fierce as that, the slightest distraction could be fatal.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


  Cynna slashed upwards with her lightsaber, then parried the Sith's thrusts. All of a sudden, the Sith lord's hood flew back and revealed a black tatoo stretched across his entire head in a lightning sort of shape. The Sith gave an evil smile and showed ugly, rotted teeth.

  The mysterious Sith suddenly went on the offensive and striked time and time again. Cynna flipped into the air and over the Sith's head. She spun around and slashed across with her lightsaber as she landed. She heard the sound of flesh sizzle and clothes burning as she just hit the Sith in a line across his back.

  The Sith screamed out in pain, but that only seemed to drive his determination to destroy Cynna. Cynna pivoted neatly to the side and blocked the attacking lightsaber. Suddenly the Sith Lord kicked Cynna in the chest. She lost her balance and tried to regain her footing, but the Sith took advantage of the distraction and stabbed Cynna in the chest with the lightsaber.

  Cynna felt the blade as it went through her chest like a searing knife and it was incredibly painful. Cynna collapsed to the ground and her lightsaber deactivated as she dropped it and it hit the ground right beside her. The last thing she saw was Nichos and Kenal running at the Sith lord.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


  Nichos saw everything in a flash; The lightsabers, The Sith, and Cynna. He and Kenal ran as fast as they could. Suddenly the Sith struck Cynna in the chest and she crumpled to the ground. The lightsaber fell neatly beside her as she stared at Nichos and Kenal.

  "NOOO! Cynna!" Nichos ignited his lightsaber and furiously launched himself in a blind rage at the Sith lord standing there. Nichos didn't know what had come over him, he just attacked from his anger over and over again, trying the avenge Cynna.

  Nichos flipped back as Kenal jumped in, but he didn't seem as angry as Nichos did, but at one with the Force. That's what I've been doing wrong, he thought, my anger took control over me, and I let it control my actions. Nichos took a deep breath and let all his anger rush away, then he jumped back in to stop the Sith Lord. Together with the help from Kenal, they managed to drive the Sith back. Kenal's blue lightsaber worked with Nichos's green lightsaber to stop the Sith. Never pausing, never stopping, never slowing they worked as a team, driving the Sith lord back.

  Suddenly Nichos slashed with his lightsaber to one side, faked as Kenal went the other, then slashed right through the Sith Lord at his torso. The Sith stared in shock, then fell to the ground in two pieces.

  Panting and sweating, Nichos and Kenal ran to Cynna's side. Kenal lifted Cynna's head and she opened her eyes. "It's t..too late for me But you m..m&ldots;.must see Nefo to" Nichos could feel her life Force fading and she fought off the pain. "I felt the presence of another Sith, the master. And I fear the consequences if it is not stopped." Her strength was weakening fast.

  "Go, leave me. And may th&ldots;" She fought to get the words out. "May the F..force be with" She leaned against Kenal chest and closed her eye." Nichos felt her life force leave her. Together Nichos and Kenal sat there for over an hour, staying by Cynna's lifeless body.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


  Nichos, Kenal, and Nefo all sat facing each other as they watched Cynna's body burn on the funeral pyre in the traditional Jedi funeral. "You were more than a friend to us Cynna," Nichos said. "You were our sister, the only sister we knew."

  The three Jedi were also wearing their Jedi robes with their hoods as a traditional wearing of a Jedi attending another Jedi's funeral. "The Sith are a threat to this galaxy, and they must be stopped, once and for all." Nefo said. "They have killed a Jedi, and now they must realize the consequences," Kenal added.

  Together the three Jedi turned back to watch the funeral pyre as the ashes and smoke rose into the night sky.


Chapter 6


Kino stared out the viewport as the Assault Transports went over to the Star Destroyer's to capture them. Hours earlier, a message came over the comm from the hostile Star Destroyer's surrendering, after they knew they would lose the battle anyway. Kino quickly sent all his ships in a blockade formation to make sure no ships could escape in case they called for help.

  All the soldiers, pilots, and command crew had been promised a chance to return to their families. But Kino still had received no word from Nichos and they could not leave without them Kino wished he knew what was going on. He always hated just sitting around doing nothing when something was going on. He wished he had the ability to stay calm like the Jedi.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


  Nichos and the other two Jedi had been traveling for days, not even finding the remotest traces of human life anywhere. If the Jedi didn't go into hibernation is when Jedi slow their hearts and rest, but there were no dreams when a Jedi goes into hibernation. The temperatures at night reached below freezing, and in the day, it was hot enough to fry a bantha.

  Finally, after hours more of travelling, the Jedi arrived at a small town. They hid their lightsabers and they walked like the normal people, but they still saw everything that was going on. Nichos noticed the same thing about every house. Once furbished homes now broken, bombed out walls, shades closed on every house and broken windows everywhere.

  Nichos looked at one house and saw a woman staring down at them. There was something different about this woman, she seemed different from the rest of the townspeople. He had to talk with her. "You two wait here," Nichos said as he walked up to the door and pressed the door chime.

  "Who is it?" A voice came over the intercom on the wall. "My name is Nichos Katran, I am a Jedi in service of the New Republic. May I talk to you?" Nichos asked. "A Jedi?! Finally the prophecy has come true." Prophecy? What is she talking about? Nichos thought. "Please come in," she said and opened the door as Nichos walked in.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


  Nichos looked around the house and saw books on every wall in every room. He was sitting in a seat the woman had offered to him. She seems to practically glow with the Force. Nichos thought as she came back in and handed him a cup. "Don't worry," she said. "It's not poison or anything. It's tea made from a special kind of fruit from another planet."

  "I know why you're here," she said, "You here to free our people from the Sith If you noticed outside, the people have all been brain washed, they do not remember a thing from their life before the Sith came. I managed to hide, but others were not so lucky. I knew you would come. The Jedi prophecies have said this to be so."

  Nichos looked at her with shock. Could she be a Jedi philosopher? He thought. "The Jedi philosophers have been in my family for generations. All these books around you contain Jedi tales and legends." She got up and pulled out a book from a wall. "This book tells the prophecy of a Jedi who will come to our planet and free our people. Half the page was burned off so part of the story is missing."

  The woman left for a minute and returned with a key card with a bunch of inscriptions on it. "This key is for a landspeeder parked out back behind a house. You and your friends must stop this threat now." Nichos took the key and put it in his tunic.

  "Can I ask one thing?" Nichos asked. "Of course," the woman said. "What is your name?" The woman stared at him for a minute. "My name is Melissa. Now you must go. May the Force be with you." Nichos left the house and told Kenal and Nefo to follow him. They hopped into the landspeeder and took off.















Chapter 7



  The landspeeder shot across the desert at incredibly high speeds. According to the map, they should come across the Sith Headquarters. It should at least be in seeing distance, Nichos thought. All of a sudden, the stars and the ground in front of them began to waver. A gigantic Sith temple was ahead and the sky was incredibly dark. "A cloaking device!" Nichos yelled over the whine of the engine and the storm up above.

  Nichos shut down the landspeeder and the Jedi hopped out with their lightsabers drawn. They ran up to the wall and carved a hole large enough for all of them to fit through. Inside, the Sith temple was dank, dreary, and so dark the only light was coming from the glowing blue, orange, and green lightsabers. The Jedi could feel overwhelming dark power in the Force.

  Nichos heard a noise from behind him. He turned around right as a creature holding a lightsaber came at him from behind. The creature hit him with a hard left to his chin thud as Nefo and Kenal flanked the creature. Kenal managed to slash at it, and while it was distracted, Nefo slashed its head off. The head rolled for a few meters and stopped at Nichos' feet. He lifted up the head and examined it and saw it was made of stone.

  "A Sith guardian," Nichos said. "They protect the temples. We must watch out for more." Nefo and Kenal helped Nichos up and they continued on through the temple.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


  Nichos sliced another Sith guardian as Nefo and Kenal held off two more. They had been moving up through the temple and had encountered over a dozen of the stone creatures. Nefo and Kenal covered Nichos' flank as they opened a set of large doors.

  "Welcome," a hooded person stood in front of them. "I have been expecting you Katran. Two doors opened up behind them and two more Sith apprentices stood behind the Sith Lord. All three activated their lightsabers. The two Sith apprentices launched themselves and Nefo and Kenal, while Nichos charged the Sith Master. Their lightsabers met and sizzled as light met dark.

  Nichos kept launching series of attacks against the Sith, but never from hate or anger, always from peace and serenity. The Sith tried again and again to get in an attack, but Nichos never paused or stopped. Nichos parried, then jumped over the Sith's head and ran out the door that was behind them. Nichos found himself on the platform at the top of the building.

  The Sith followed him out as it sliced as Nichos. He blocked the attack but felt the fury of the blow up his arm. Nichos backed up to the edge of the platform and as the Sith approached, Nichos jumped over his head and kicked the master in the back. The Sith fell over the ledge; as Nichos looked over the edge to see, the Sith fell and hit another platform five stories below.

  Nichos got a better grip of his lightsaber and jumped over the ledge. Nichos landed on the same platform the Sith was on right when the lord got up. Their lightsabers met time and time again. Nichos block one attack and dodged another. He swung his lightsaber down upon the Sith's arm, but the Sith was able to deflect it.

  The Sith lord kicked Nichos in the chest and Nichos fell down to another platform three stories below. Nichos looked around for his lightsaber but it was still on the other platform. He reached out and like he had a long invisible are, pulled the lightsaber to land perfectly in his hand.

  Nichos ducked under the blade of the Sith's lightsaber and quickly blocked the next attack. Nichos and the Sith fought for a long time, moving up and down platforms. They were back up at the top platform after over an hour. Nichos waited until the Sith backed up and before he launched another series of attacks. He caught the Sith off guard and cut his lightsaber in half.

  The Sith raised his hands and deadly Force lightning shot at Nichos. Nichos screamed in pain and fell to the floor, his lightsaber flew from his hand. The Sith was standing over him and as gust of wind came by, the Sith's hood flew back and Nichos realized it was a woman. She laughed and raised her hands and shot him again with Force lightning. Out of the corner of his eye, Nichos saw his lightsaber.

  He reached out and like an invisible arm, grabbed his lightsaber and pulled it towards him. He activated his before it slapped into his hand. He swung his lightsaber up and caught the woman in the chest. He backed up and stared down in shock. She fell off the edge of the platform and fell down to the ground below. But before she hit the ground, lightning struck down from above and burnt her body.

  Nichos deactivated his lightsaber and ran inside. Kenal was fighting one of the apprentices outside and Nefo was still battling inside. Nichos ran to help Nefo, but as the Sith paused for a minute to look at him, Nefo took the advantage and cut the apprentice's head off.

  Kenal had also destroyed the Sith outside. Nichos and Nefo saw Kenal was injured, so they rushed to help him. They worked their way back down to the ground. As soon as they stepped out, they saw the Sith woman's body laying on the ground. "Geez Nich, what did you do?" Nefo said jokingly. A large noise from above caught their attention as a Troop Transport landed on the ground in front of them.

  Kino stepped out with a squad of commandos and two medics. The two medics went and carried Kenal back to the ship. "What are you guys doing here? I've been looking for days for you!" Kino exclaimed. "Sorry to keep you waiting Kino, but we had a little business to take care of. How'd you find us anyway?" Nefo asked. "A woman in town, said she's a friend of your Nich. We offered her a chance to come back to the New Republic with us, and she's on the Harring right now. Boy&ldots;. I'll tell ya, she sure did bring a lot of books with her."

  "One thing Kino," Nichos said. "We gotta blow this building. This is a symbol of hate and it must be destroyed." "Okay Nich," Kino said and turned around to the group of commandos. "Bullian, Sisic, Altena, get over here and blow this building." "Yes sir!" Lieutenant Colonel Mike P. Bullian said. Lieutenant Blair Altena and Lieutenant Commander Mike Sisic followed LCL Bullian as they set up explosives around the base of the Sith temple.

  "What exactly is this building anyway?" Kino asked. Nichos turned around to stare at the building. "This is a Sith Temple, one of the main training grounds they used thousands of years ago." Kino stared at Nichos, the looked at the building, "Then it's a good thing it's going to be destroyed." Kino said

  "Back up! Back up!" LCM Sisic said. They all ran behind the Troop Transport as the building exploded into millions of pieces. Nichos stared at the remains of the Sith temple, "One of the last symbols of hate in this galaxy is gone at last."

  Together the two Jedi and Kino walked up the ramp and into the ship. They were heading home.


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