Pool Party Pictures

These pictures are from my pool party on July 5th, 2000.


Me at the beginning of my party.



Melissa having a belching contest with Ashley.

Sarah drying off after we got out of the pool.





Ashley is talking to Melissa, and Sarah is drinking a pepsi (and it's not caffene free! A real change for her, lol!)


Melissa hiding from the camera behind Darrell. :-)


Sarah right before we ate dinner.

Darrell late at night. Somewhere between 9:00pm - 10:30pm

Mike around 9:40 at night.


A group photo around 9:45 at night.
From left to right: Mike, Melissa, Me, and Darrell.

Another group pic at the same time at night.
Mike, Melissa, Sarah, and Darrell..


These pictures are from the day after my party.

Sarah and my dog, Bailey.


Me (Scott)

Darrell, Margo, and Sarah.


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