Graduation Photos


Group photo.
From left to right: Natalie, Me (obviously), Melissa, Janis, and Halley



There were cameras going off all over the place so we didn't know where to look. :-P
Bottom row: Mike, Darrell, Me, Justin, Kris (looks like he's constipated, lol), and Chad
Second row: Zach (behind me and Justin, Eric, and Brian (behind Eric)
Third row: Jamie, Casey, Rodger, Dewald
Top row: Jason, Adam
Back in the corner: Andrew and Shawn.


Me (Scott)
That night I won the 'Good Sport' award


My friend Justin
Background: Ashley talking to someone,
Me trying to explain something to Darrell (behind Justin)


Janis (Purple Dress), Natalie (Navy Blue Dress), and Caitlyn (Light Blue Dress)


Ashley, Melissa, Jacquelyn, and Natalie


Bottom Row: Natalie, Me (Scott), Melissa, Janis, Halley
Middle Row: Casey, Jamie, Kris
Top Row: Roger, Zack


About half of our graduates from David Maxwell School.


Almost all the guys that graduated.


Jacquelyn and Mr. Vacratsis,
our art teacher and our teacher for half of us when we were in graade 6.


Justin and Brad


Melissa and Darrell


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