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There is an on-line club called the Rebel Squadrons. It is a club that plays the Star Wars game released by Lucasarts.
The Rebel Squadrons is a fictional club, hence every member needs to create a fictional character before they join.
My Character is Nichos Katran, a Lieutenant Colonel in the Rebel Squadrons.

Also, every character must have a biography of their history. Here is the bio of

Lieutenant Colonel Nichos Katran



Nichos "Nachos Man" Katran

Nichos Katran was born on the planet Muressa, in the system of the same name. His home city, Ludinia, was the capital of Muressa. His father was the personal servant to governor Nalatelo, governor of the system, his mother worked on fixing space ships for space travelers passing through the system. The Katrans were a rich family, not as rich as some of the people on the planet, but they did have a lot of money. Nichos grew up in a mansion near the palace, and was always interested in flying a starfighter for the Empire (for everyone thought the Imperials were good on the planet at the time). When Nichos was ten he began to fly TIE Starfighters in the simulators in the pilot class at a private school. His flying skills were unmatched in his class, and graduated quickly.

One day when he was nineteen he went up to his mother while she was working on a C-3 Passenger Liner, "Mom," Nichos said, "Can I send in an application to the Galactic Empire?" he asked. His mom stopped working on the engines and jumped down from the top of the ship to stare at him, "Now son, you know there is a rebellion growing. What if you get called into action, and are killed by a rebel attack?" she said half asking, half-pleading. "But mom, the Empire is spread out largely through the galaxy, what are the chances of Rebels attacking where I am stationed?" Nichos replied a little annoyed. "The odds don't matter. They could hit anywhere, anytime. The answer is no!" his mom said, finishing the conversation. "But mom!" Nichos said, "Stop it Nichos! You are not signing up for the Empire!" his mom said, then went back to working on the Passenger Liner. Nichos walked back to the mansion cursing the whole way. He ran into his room and sat at his computer. He called up the application for the Galactic Empire and filled it out, hesitating only a second before sending it. "That's done," he said to himself. He turned around and found the family servant standing in the doorway. The servant put a finger up to his lips, showing Nichos he wouldn't tell. "Thanks," was all Nichos said.

A year later three Imperial Star Destroyers exited hyperspace, heading toward Muressa. Four assault transports launched from each Star Destroyer, heading toward the planet. Stormtroopers piled out of each Transport and shot any citizen standing in their way. They marched toward the Governor's palace. They shot all the guards there and ran into the Governor's quarters, where Nichos's father was serving the Governor breakfast. The stormtroopers shot the Governor and Nichos's father to death, leaving only charred corpses.

Nichos's Mother was walking home from the spaceport repair shop when the stormtroopers marched by. Because she walked in their way, she was shot down and trampled by the many armored soldiers. Nichos was on his way to talk to his mother when he saw her shot down. "NOOOOOO!" Nichos yelled a s he grabbed a blaster lying in the street next to a dead citizen. He began shooting the stormtroopers while running behind a wall to protect him. He could hear a stormtrooper call for backup, but he quickly shot the trooper down. He managed to take down all 10 stormtroopers with only a small graze from a blaster bolt. He heard other stormtroopers run up, there were at least 25, he shot down 5 before they knocked him out with the butts of their rifles and captured him. They brought him aboard one of the assault transports and brought took him aboard a Star Destroyer.

Nichos was lying on the floor of his cell, battered and bruised from the rifles, he was bleeding from multiple places. He knew that he had at least 2 broken ribs, a sprained leg and a twisted arm. A man dressed in a uniform with a Commander rank walked in with two stormtrooper escorts. He stared at Nichos for two minutes till Nichos finally got up and sat on his bunk. "So," The commander said, "It seems you have killed quite a few of our soldiers." Nichos looked up at the commander fiercely and said, "Your soldiers killed my mother," Nichos said. "Well from the reports it seems they killed your father also, " The commander said with a smirk on his face. Nichos felt rage course through his body and he attacked the commander, knocking him on the ground and pounding on him until the stormtroopers hit Nichos with their rifles and threw him on his bunk. "Well," the commander said as he picked himself up, "We may be able to use someone like you. You were the one that sent the application to us a few years back weren't you?" The commander said looking at the records in his hand. "Yea that's right, before I learned the Empire was just a bunch of cowards in amour trying to gain power." Nichos said as evilly as he could. "Very amusing," the commander sneered, "Now listen. The Empire is willing to forget the troopers you killed if you fly in my command. I reviewed your sim scores and must admit I am impressed. If you fly for us, then the murders will be placed on rebelling citizens." The commander finished. Nichos didn't reply, he just stared at the commander. Finally the commander said "Think about it. You have no idea what we have to offer you." The commander turned and headed toward the door."Cowards", Nichos said.

The next day the commander and two stormtroopers returned, "Well," he said, "Did you make your decision?" The commander asked. "Yes I have," Nichos thought, "No." Nichos kicked one of the guards and stole his blaster. He then shot the two troopers. The commander tried to unholster his blaster but Nichos shot him in the neck. "Aren't I just a real pain in the neck?" Nichos snickered as he put on the hat and and the uniform. A grimacing pain shot through his ribs as he picked up the blaster as strode out the door.

Nichos strode quickly throughout the Star Destroyer, getting confused all the time until finally, after three hours found the hanger. He recognized the TIE Starfighters and Interceptors but a group of Starfighters being loaded into the hanger he never saw before. He ran up and read the Serial Code on the side and saw the name Seinar Fleet Systems TIE Advanced Starfighter. Hmmm...Nichos thought, If I can steal these, I could get them to the Rebels. Nichos decided to wait until the next Ferry came up and then Hijack it to the Rebels. The next one took ten minutes but as soon as the pilot stepped out, Nichos grabbed his mouth, dragged him into the shadows and knocked him out. He then slipped on the pilot's uniform and ran aboard the Cargo Ferry, he shot the Co-pilot on the STUN setting then took off. He got the ship 1-km away before 3 Assault Gunboats launched to disable the Ferry. It took him a minute to find the lasers but he found them and shot down 2 Gunboats before the third bugged out. He set a course for a Rebel base he learned over the holonet called the "Rebel Squadrons".

Eight hours later Nichos at the destination of the "Rebel Squadrons" stationed on the planet Greeop and Immediately heard over the comm, "Unidentified Ship, Identify yourself now or be destroyed." Oh great, Nichos thought. "My name is Nichos Katran, the Empire has killed my family and had captured me, but I managed to escape with a container full of starfighters called a 'Tie Advanced'. Requesting assistance, I have never flown this before." Nichos hoped they would help. The comm unit cackled again, "Cargo Ferry, we have acknowledged your claims, this Cargo Ferrywas reported missing 6 hours ago by Imperials. Assisstance granted. Welcome to the Rebel Squadrons."

Nichos stepped down the Cargo Ferry boarding ramp as an officer with a Major Rank approached him. "You must be Katran," the officer said. "Greetings, I thank you for bringing these ships into our service. From what my scanners tell me there is a full squadron here. This is perfect. I hope you will join us in our fight against the Imperials." Nichos looked at the officer and said, " The Empire killed my family, my friends, and my life. Of course I will help you." The Major smiled and said, "Welcome aboard, Cadet Katran."

Nichos was a Cadet for two months not knowing what fleet to sign up for. Then one day on his usual visit to the Bar and Grill a month after he joined. "Hey guys," Nichos said as he walked into the bar. Everyone barely acknowledged his presence as usual, and those that did called him Nachos. The only one who didn't was a man sitting in the corner who waved him over. "Hi Katran," The guy said as the legendary bot known as W came over and took Nichos's order. "Hey . And you are?" Nichos asked. "I'm Kenal Darklighter, but I'm better known as Fox." The man said. "Oh yea, I've heard of you." Nichos said as an Ewok walked into the bar and everyone greeted it as Nichos just stared at it. "That's Etrall, The only Ewok ever to speak Basic," Fox said. "But mostly everyone calls him Fuzzball or Fuzzy." Nichos and Fox laughed as Etrall came over. "Who's this, Fox?" Etrall asked as he looked at Nichos. "That's Nichos Katran, he joined about a couple a months ago." Nichos looked around the bar as a sharp pain jabbed into his leg. "OW!" Nichos yelled as he looked down to find the Ewok biting him. "Stop that ya dumb Fluffball!" As he kicked Etrall against the wall. "That's the worst tasting human yet." Etrall commented as he picked himself up.

One month later Nichos and Fox were still friends, and Nichos still had that mark on his leg from when Etrall bit him. One day at the bar Fox asked Nichos to join Retribution Fleet, where Fox's new squadron, Hellfire, was being created from the T/A's Nichos captured. "Sure," Nichos said. Three weeks later Nichos graduated from the academy as a TIE Master Cadet with Honors.

  Many months later, A vision came to Nichos in his sleep. A man in a robe appeared from nowhere and started talking about this thing called the Force. He told Nichos he was strong in it and must be trained to help stop the Empire. He told Nichos that he must be trained as a Jedi. Now, Nichos knew what a Jedi was but he had never heard of the Force. The man told him to go to Dagobah and find the hut of the deceased Jedi Master Yoda. He explained that the spirit of Master Yoda will train him in the ways of the Force. Nichos travelled to Dagobah and is now a full fleged Jedi Knight and he fights to restore peace and justice to the galaxy.



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