Pictures from our trip to Niagara Falls


Ashley and Melissa at the
Spanish Aerocar


Darrell on the bus on the way to
Niagara Falls

Mike at 7:30 in the morning.
On the way to Niagara Falls

From left to right: Tim, Melissa, Mike, Vanessa
Sarah, Karen, and Halley at the Spanish Aerocar.

Melissa in front of
Planet Hollywood.

Jacquelyn and Ashley in Planet Hollywood.


Mike, Melissa, Vanessa, Jascquelyn in Planet Hollywood.

Janis while we're leaving Niagara Falls around 6:45pm.

Justin with his new sunglasses.

Mike, and Melissa on the way to
Planet Hollywood.

Mike and Melissa late at night on the way home.

Me and Mike in Planet Hollywood
(bet you thought you wouldn't see a picture of me, eh?)

Melissa and Jacquelyn around 8:15 in the morning.

Me at the Spanish Aerocar around 5 minutes before
we leave for the Great Gorge Adventure.

Melissa. She dared me to take this picture, thinking I wouldn't. Hehe

Vanessa, Mike and Melissa in line for the Spanish Aerocar.

Melissa woke up right when I hit the flash button.
She's asleep against Mike's shoulder.

Melissa trying to catch some ZZZ's at around 9am.

Melissa, Ashley, Vanessa, and Janis

Top: Brian, Andy, Chad, Kim, Roger, Sarah, Andrew C., Janis
Bottom: Vanessa, Me (Scott)


Me and Justin wearing our shades on the bus.

Melissa in front of a Tweety bird bus.

Mike and Melissa in line at the IMAX theater snack stand thing.

Melissa and Vanessa after dinner in Planet Hollywood


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